Environmental Education Project takes part in “Clean Field Day”

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International Paper Institute brought the EEP (Environmental Education Program) to National Clean Field Day. Held by Coplana, Agroindustrial Cooperative, the event took place in Jaboticabal (SP) on August 16.

Aimed at raising awareness among public school students about environmental conservation, the initiative gathered over 2,500 students ages 9 to 14 from the cities of Jaboticabal, Guariba, Dumont, Pradópolis, Santa Ernestina and Taquaritinga, all in the state of São Paulo, at the Cora Coralina Events Station.  There they saw demonstrations and learned about a series of good environmental conservation and reverse logistics practices used by companies in the region where they live.

International Paper was at the “National Clean Field Day” activities, explaining paper production and waste management processes, work that is constantly enhanced by the company to lower environmental impacts.

Demos were set up at stations, in the format of a “Science Fair.”

Students were advised on disposal of agricultural product packaging, reuse or transformation of different types of materials, and other initiatives.

The curious students saw all of the explanations at the stands they visited. They were able to learn a bit more about the importance of recycling and reuse of resources as a way to reduce environmental impacts.

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