A new view of philanthropy

What does “love for humanity” mean to you? Talking about philanthropy leads us to think about donations by major charity institutions, but “philanthropy means giving time and talent, not just money,” says Katherine Fulton, president of the  Monitor Institute, an institute whose aim is to help leaders solve social and environmental problems. 

In 12 minutes, Katherine talks about concepts that cause us to rethink the basic tenets of philanthropy and how we see them in our reality. She mentions Wikipedia, one of the biggest research and search tools, which was created by volunteers. Quoting Clay Shirky (writer and teacher who studies the effects of the internet on society), she uses this example of cooperation to say that “great things can be done through love.”

“If we don’t develop the strength to preserve all of this, it will no longer be a passing fad.” Having said this, Katherine talked about the new way for philanthropy to organize: a free, large, fast, connected and long-lasting model. This transformation requires time and dedication, with enough strength to resolve the social and environmental challenges at hand.

“Imagine a picture of all of you. Think about the community that you want to help create. It doesn’t matter what this means to you. And I want you to imagine 100 years in the future, and your grandkids, great grandkids, or nieces and nephews or godchildren, they are looking at this picture of you all. What is the story that you most want them to tell?”

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