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Formare students honor volunteers and family at graduation ceremony

Ceremonies were held on December 13, 14 and 19 December marked the end of IP Formare activities, bringing with it the feeling of a duty accomplished and good memories, with the 46 students graduating the course in Mogi Guaçu (SP), Luís ...SAIBA MAIS

Teachers and students grow gardens and consume organic foods at public schools in RS

A total of 8 institutes joined the project. The goal is to reach 19 schools in 2018 Planting, caring for and harvesting organic food from the garden, to eat during school meals and even take home. That is the purpose of the Education ...SAIBA MAIS

Formare Project trains approximately 50 young people for the job market in 2017

The goal of the project is social transformation by educating young people In 2017 alone, the Formare Project trained approximately 50 young people for the job market. The project has been at IP since 2010, through a partnership with ...SAIBA MAIS

Mogi Guaçu students meet students from Formare Eaton

Companies promote a class interchange to exchange good practices The exchange of experiences is an important stage within the Formare School Project. To allow for this interaction in the final stretch of classes in 2017, International ...SAIBA MAIS