Turn filing your Income Tax statements into a good deed!

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Receive a deduction of up to 6% on Income Tax owed by donating to child and adolescent rights funds. Find out how to participate.

Did you know that you can donate part of your taxes to a good cause? Many people are not aware that they can do this, but in fact individual and corporate taxpayers can make the donation by December of the base year and, in the case of individuals, these donations can also be made when filing Income Tax statements on the Federal Revenue Service website.

In the latter case, deductions can be made if the taxpayer opts for this amount to go to an organization that is part of the child and adolescent funds at the national, state or municipal level (these funds are called FUMCAD).

Because we do not always have time in our everyday lives to volunteer or when we do, it is not enough time, International Paper Institute explains how to make this donation step-by-step while also providing suggestions for projects that are able to receive your donation and which IPI already supports. These projects are “Casa Vhida” (Vhida House), connected to the FUMCAD of Manaus (AM) and “Semeando o Futuro” (Sowing the Future), affiliated with the FUMCAD of Guatapará (SP). Find out a bit more about each of these organizations below:

Vhida House (Casa Vhida) – Support for HIV-positive kids

Headquartered in Manaus, Vhida House is an institution supporting HIV-positive children, offering not only medical, nutritional and psychological support, but also a daycare structure equipped to care for kids and their mothers, who are with their kids while all services are provided.

Vhida House also does work donating breast milk to over 800 kids whose mothers are HIV-positive and are unable to breastfeed them. The institution also holds fund-raising events and helps families with donations of clothing, shoes and non-perishable food when possible.

Interested? See how to donate, step-by-step, below:

You can collaborate with the development of these projects when you file your Income Tax statements. Remember that the maximum deduction is 6% of Income Tax owed. This discount is only valid for taxpayers that file a complete Income Tax statement. People with deductible expenses of over BRL 16,754.34, the maximum for a simple statement, should use the complete statement.
People who will not receive a refund on the Income Tax may deduct up to 6% from taxes payable. For those that will receive a refund and have a lot of deductions, whether because of education, health or other expenses with dependents, 6% of the Income Tax amount owed can be added to the refund.

The last chart of the infograph needs to be corrected: The DARF form generated should be paid by April 30! If not paid by this date, the Federal Revenue Service will not accept the deduction and the difference in tax owned will be charged with interest and a penalty.

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Understand what the child and adolescent rights funds are:

These are public funds, created through the Child and Adolescent Statute (Law no. 8069/90), which earmark financial resources for organizations that have registered with the Federal Secretariat of Human Rights. According to article 260 of the Statute, donations can be made to charity organizations at the national, federal district, state or municipal level.

The child and adolescent rights funds finance projects that work solely to promote, protect and advocate for child and adolescent rights and they are mechanisms for decentralizing public budgets. This means that although the donation is made a public fund, the money donated will be used for a specific purpose.




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