IIP celebrates “Beekeeper Day”

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International Paper Institute prepared a special action for Beekeper Day, celebrated on May 22: distributing honey produced in ‘s planted forests, through the “Supportive Beekeeping” project, to workers at all of the company’s units in Brazil.

To honor the work of beekeepers, students put together packages with honey packets that will be delivered from May to along with an informative folder containing interesting facts about this date. In Mogi Guaçu (SP), Três Lagoas (MS) and Luiz Antônio (SP), these gifts will be handed out by the students. While at the packaging units, internal employees, designated as IP Institute “focal points”, will hand them out.

The honey was produced from last year’s harvest by the Association of Beekeepers of and the Region , which has been an

The “Supportive Beekeeping” project is aimed at using IP’s planted eucalyptus forests to produce and sell honey. A total of over 70 tons of honey have already been produced. The goal is also to expand development of production and contribute to generating income for local beekeepers.

Celebrating “Beekeeper Day” means celebrating how these workers care for bee , as well as a rich and healthy food. This is recognition of this

History of the date – Celebrated on May , Beekeeper Day pays homage to St. , considered the patron saint of all beekeepers as well as of those who work with the production of honey and its byproducts.

Brazilian beekeeping goes back to around when Father imported European bee colonies from Portugal, setting them up at beach, in .

Upon finding that these bees were having problems adapting as a result of the tropical climate, professor travelled to Africa with the support of the Ministry of queens, which were used in an apiary in , .

During this time, bees from hives were released, with the African bees crossing with the European bees that were already in the country. At that time, the study of new management techniques had not been widely explored. However, over time, the remaining beekeepers began to expand production methods.

After holding symposiums and congresses that brought together producers and researchers, beekeeping became a very important agricultural industry.

In the Brazilian Beekeeping Federation was founded, resulting in the first Brazilian congress in this industry, held three years later.

In Brazil ranked 4th among the world’s largest honey exporters. In the country was ranked 8th, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Honey Exporters .

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