Beekeepers in the Supportive Beekeeping program receive new personal protective equipment

“Coop members were excited to receive the new materials,” says José Antônio Monteiro

On Jul1y 6 and 7 at the Luiz Antônio unit, members of the Beekeepers Coop of the Ribeirão Preto Region (COOPERAPIS) and the Association of Beekeepers of Leme and the Leme Region (AAPILEME) received new personal protective equipment (PPE) for honey cultivation and harvesting.

Management and production techniques are needed to work with bees; yet, in addition, workers need special garments in order to guarantee their safety. During honey production and extraction, coveralls, a pair of gloves, a pair of boots and a smoker are necessary. And these were the materials coop members received from the International Paper Institute.

The personal protective equipment delivered to beekeepers is part of an IP initiative to renew coop members work tools once a year. According to COOPERAPIS leader José Antônio Monteiro, this is a very important initiative for all of the beekeepers, who use extremely high-quality material.

“When I foun2d out when I could pick up all of the packages, I let the coop members know. Some were super excited to receive the new protective equipment, which is why they came here with me to pick it up,” says Antônio, who has worked with beekeeping for over 40 years.

According to Monteiro, it is very gratifying to take part in the Supportive Beekeeping project. The program helps in the social and environmental development of local beekeepers and contributes to generating income for these workers, who use areas of International Paper’s eucalyptus forests.

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