ESA 2016: find out the latest on the Essay and Literature Contests

Social and environmental education will feature Healthy Eating as the theme for 2016

EducacaoSocioambiental_-81Winners of  2015 contest receive their certificates during award ceremony

This year, the International Paper Institute Social and Environmental Education Project will take place in the months of August and September with the 41st edition of the Essay Contest and the 11th edition of the Literary Contest. The contests are geared towards 5th and 9th grade students and high school seniors and towards teachers and principals at public and private schools, respectively.

The Institute sees maintaining this program as an achievement, along with contributing knowledge to composition for students and teachers, covering such important topics. For both contests, IIP has posed a topic that is currently being widely discussed: healthy eating. This is a concern and a point of attention that has awoken people’s interest, especially because approximately 50% of the country’s population is overweight.

It is estimated that in 2025, around 2.3 billion adults around the world will be overweight.
“Bringing this theme to the awareness of young people is beyond relevant. We want them to research the topic and see how important a healthy diet is, while passing on these good practices to their family members and the community. In addition, the contests are an excellent opportunity to learn about composition and style, in addition to providing recognition with the prize,” says Tomás Alexandre Fernandes, a Social Responsibility and Sustainability Analyst at International Paper.

And knowledge on this topic will not be the only thing shared. This year, IIP will offer a special workshop: teachers and principals will take part in a workshop with Institute professionals on composition and style guidelines and they will be responsible for passing along this knowledge in the classroom to students selected for the Essay Contest. This is a time for exchanging knowledge, where everyone learns.

Both contests award the best writing, with IIP holding an awards ceremony in the month of October. “IIP believes that making this recognition official with an award as well as with the ceremony means more than getting these people to see their importance and outstanding work. It also means engaging more students and teachers to participate the next year. It’s a traditional project in the region, in which everyone wants to participate, compete and win!” says Gláucia Dias de Faria, Social Responsibility and Sustainability Manager at International Paper.

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