September 21: “Arbor Day”

Date celebrates the importance of saplings to the balance of the planet


Trees are responsible for air quality, temperature equilibrium and the firmness of the soil, while also serving as home to countless species and as a source of food, making them indispensable to survival on Earth.

The role of trees in the existence of life is celebrated in many ways by different people and nations. In Brazil, “Arbor Day” is commemorated on September 21, on the eve of the first day of spring. It was created to encourage reflection on preserving this natural resources that is so important to preserving the ecosystems. Celebrations take place at different times of the year around the world, but with this same purpose of discussing environmental balance, joining forces to combat deforestation practices and the illegal trade in endangered species.

Planted forests and the industry – this date is widely celebrated by the pulp and paper industry, which provides communities with precise information on the importance of managing planted eucalyptus forests and renewable forests, planned within technical and environmental specifications that guarantee rational use of land and of resources in a sustainable manner, preventing waste and helping to preserve native forest.

At International Paper, actions geared towards places where the company maintains operations are organized by International Paper Institute, which promotes a series of educational initiatives for kids and adolescents. The company’s oldest and most traditional initiative is directly connected to “Arbor Day” and was created 40 years ago: SEA (Social and Environmental Education), which is celebrating its 41st anniversary with an Essay Contest aimed at 5th grade and 9th grade students and high school seniors, as well as the 11th edition of the Literary Contest, aimed at educators (Primary and Secondary School teachers and school administrators).

The topic chosen for this year’s SEA was “Healthy Eating” and is based on a guideline from the UN (United Nations), which named 2016 the “year of pulses,” since the production of grains provides more nutritional food and is also responsible for ensuring more sustainable management of land and natural resources.

Fun Facts: Arbor Day around the world

“Arbor Day” celebrations happen year-round, according to the culture of each country:


australia Australia – celebrates “National Tree Day” in the last week of July




Barbados – September 22






Bulgaria – celebrates “National Forest Day” in the first week of April




Canada – Celebrates “Maple Leaf Day” in honor of its national tree during National Forest Week, on the last Wednesday in September. There are also regional “Arbor Day” celebrations




China – March 12





Germany – April 25





Netherlands – March 22




japaoJapan – celebrates Midori no Hi (Greenery Day) in late April






Jordan – January 15





New Zealand – June 5




africa do sulSouth Africa – celebrates National Arbor Week September 1 to 7




espanhaSpain – March 26




tunisiaTunisia – November 9




estados unidos

USA – celebrates “National Arbor Day” on the last Friday in April. States also hold different celebrations of regional species throughout the year, according to the planting season.



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