Nature and Body enters a new phase and boosts production

Project began by planting vegetables at schools in Três Lagoas in 2016 and intends to expand production this year.

Alunos da Escola Municipal Joaquim Marques de Souza

Instilling environmental awareness, within the concept of food sustainability and healthy eating are some of the goals of the Nature and Body project, coordinated by International Paper Institute in the city of Três Lagoas (MS).

Since last year, the Joaquim Marques de Souza and Parque São Carlos schools have worked to grow vegetables in collective gardens set up on the grounds of the schools. In 2017, the project is taking another step to improve the production of the gardens. In the future, the aim is to think about distributing the food grown to the local community or even to other schools.

For the project to take on this dimension, greater involvement is needed from students and teachers to manage and maintain the gardens, which are also used in transdisciplinary content within classes on the regular curriculum.  This means that the gardens go beyond biology classes and enter into math problems with calculations of area, weights and measures, for instance.

From popular culture to collective gardening – Body and Nature was started in 2013 with the aim of spreading the customs of the Mato Grosso do Sul region. By building gardens of aromatic herbs, the Project was tapping into the habits of past generations, with the use of teas and infusions from plants with “therapeutic” properties.

In 2016, the project moved forward and began to grow vegetables. To learn about the production process, students visited a small farm. There they learned about how basic subsistence family farming works in practice.

This year, the idea is to continue to grow food, expanding the possibilities within the gardens at each school, in addition to using the harvest, which should bear excellent fruit.

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