Nature and Body end the year with healthy eating at school

Alunos da Escola Municipal Joaquim Marques de Souza (3)

Educating for a healthier lifestyle. This is the proposal that International Paper Institute uses to promote “Nature and Body” each year, a project aimed at providing schools in the municipality of Três Lagoas (MS) with a reflection on quality of life by implementing community gardens. This year’s edition, which started in the first semester, ended on November 21, at the Joaquim Marques de Souza School, and on November 22, at Escola Parque São Carlos over 1,600 students benefitted.

Teachers developed activities by relating them to contact with seedlings. That way students learned not only techniques for growing plants, but also applied classroom theory to day-to-day activities in the garden, through interdisciplinary practice.

An event was held at the end of the project, where stock was taken of the concepts taught to the young people along with the main lessons and exchanges. Students were also able to take part in a workshop, where they watched a play that covered two topics developed in the project: healthy eating and the history of coffee. In addition to interpretive activities, students were encouraged to propose improvements to the garden for the next year. After a vote, the best proposals will be put in practice in 2017.

From 2013 to 2015, the focus of “Nature and Body” was to reestablish popular customs in the Mato Grosso do Sul region, by growing aromatic herbs and showing how health, nature and traditions are interconnected and part of the culture of a people. However, this year the project took another step forward and brought planting of vegetables to the school, in an effort to encourage a more varied and nutritious diet, by bringing children and teens closer to contact with the earth.

The theme was chosen at a time when international organizations are discussing strategies for an environmentally sustainable and economically viable diet. So much so that 2016 was named by the United Nations (UN) as the International Year of Pulses. This is a way to call the world’s attention to creating public policies that encourage consumption of these foods.

Aware of the importance of discussing this theme within the academic environment, International Paper Institute has developed the issue of healthy eating along various lines in its projects, such as in the SEE (Social and Environmental Education Project) Literary and Essay Contest, leading students and educators to think about their own eating habits.




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