IP Sustainability Report shows advances in environmental conservation

Company remains focused on the 2020 agenda and on reducing pollutant emissions by 13% in two years


International Paper released its Sustainability Report in October. This document shows the company’s good practices in different indicators, such as: natural resources preservation and savings, occupational safety, personnel management, community actions, and more.

Every year, large companies provide accountability to society regarding initiatives carried out to reduce the environmental impacts caused by their activities.  In a demonstration of transparency, all of this information is compiled into a document, making an organization’s social responsibility initiatives public.

Transforming people’s lives – As the basis of its sustainability, IP has established the 4Ps: Performance, People, Planets and Products. In practice, these four pillars show how the company should act ethically to achieve financial results with the least possible environmental impact, generating jobs by creating renewable and recyclable products.

At IP, transforming people’s lives is a mission. It is a job done on multiple fronts, with professionals, partners, clients and the community. This is where International Paper Institute comes in, as the organization responsible for the social and educational projects developed by the company. In 2016 alone, over 28,500 people benefitted from projects such as: Supportive Beekeeping, SEE, Guardians of the Water, EEP, Nature and Body and others.

Innovation on behalf of the environment – In recent years, IP has lowered greenhouse gas emissions by 13%, within the target established for 2020. Out of all water used in industrial processes, 95% is treated before returning to nature and 90% of the power used at factories comes from renewable resources.

For more details go to: http://relatorio.institutoip.com.br/2016/index.html

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