IP Institute celebrates 10 years with SEE contest awards


 The awards ceremony for the Social and Environmental Education (SEE) project’s essay and literary contest was held on September 29. Students and teachers were recognized from the cities of Mogi Guaçu, Mogi Mirim and Estiva Gerbi, all located in the state of São Paulo.

In 2017, the essay contest, which is celebrating its 42nd anniversary, was opened to 5th and 9th grade students and high school seniors studying at public and private schools. While the Literary Contest, held for the last 12 years, included participation by teachers from every grade and subject area at these three cities’ institutions of learning.

This year, the main topic of the two initiatives was the IP Institute’s 10 year anniversary and its positive impacts on the communities, with the theme of: “Transforming people’s lives is our role.”The Institute offered a workshop to support educators with the purpose of instructing them on developing proposals with students.

Leandra Leite, President of International Paper Institute, was thrilled to celebrate another awards ceremony, this time with a theme that highlights the results of the work the IP Institute does in the community. “Today we reap the fruits of a project that began over 40 years ago, even before the institute was created. And, this year, when we celebrate our 10 year anniversary, it is a joy to have such special texts discussing how our transformative work has been done on behalf of the community’s sustainable development,” she says.

The awards ceremony was held at Espaço Genesis, in Mogi Guaçu, and each of the top three placing winners was given a cash prize. See the list of winners:

Essay Contest

5th grade students

1st Filipe Guilherme – Here you sow, here you reap
2nd Samuel Lazarini – The dream of paper
3rd Bianca Jesus – Designing the future


9th grade students

1st Camila Macedo – Off the paper and into the future
2nd Ana Laura Depieri Filomeno – The company and the Institute
3rd Eduardo Rovigatti – Small changes have big results


High school seniors

1st Julia Lanzi Ribeiro – Everyone’s role
2nd Ítalo Holanda – On the good path: One decade of International Paper Institute
3rd Julia Silva – Educating to transform


Literary Contest

1st Elaine Seco – Confetti Party
2nd Valéria Dipieri – On boards, gaps and a life transformed
3rd Lidiane Pessota – The seed of an idea



Since 1975, the SEE (Social and Environmental Education) has sought to collaborate with the academic, social and environmental education of children and adolescents in the Mogi Guaçu (SP) region. To do this, an essay contest and literary contest are held, involving the entire academic community in topics related to sustainability and the environment.

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