International Paper Institute celebrates one decade of transformation and social responsibility

“I am proud to see how this project has made a difference in people’s lives,” says Leandra Ferreira Leite, the Institute’s President.

Leandra Ferreira Leite, presidente do Instituto e Gláucia Faria, gerente de Responsabilidade Social e Sustentabilidade
Leandra Ferreira Leite, presidente do Instituto, e Gláucia Faria, gerente de Responsabilidade Social e Sustentabilidade

International Paper Institute was created 10 years ago, in September 2007. In one decade of corporate social responsibility and educational, social and environmental development, the institution has become a reference in coordinating and executing actions that transform the education of thousands of young people and children in Brazil.

The initial preparations to create the IP Institute included voluntary participation by approximately 200 professionals, who attended some workshops. The result of this training was the creation of the institute’s vision, mission and target public.

According to Gláucia Faria, Social Responsibility and Sustainability Manager, the entire creative process was a unique moment, which makes the Institute a propagator of environmental awareness and sustainability for future generations. Today, there are 11 projects in progress, aimed at building and investing in initiatives aligned with environmental preservation, volunteering and a commitment to society and education.

Below is an interview we did with Gláucia Faria and Leandra Leite, President of International Paper Institute since May 2012. They talk about the most remarkable moments in IIP’s history and about future plans.

International Paper Institute – What were the biggest obstacles you faced, in your opinion?

Leandra Ferreira Leite – Maintaining the projects and number of people influenced with the resources available. Understanding and complying with the laws for a Public Interest Civil Society Organization (OSCIP). Finally, engaging people and building interest in projects was also an obstacle we faced.

Gláucia Faria – Getting the IP Institute to function uniformly and to be recognized by everyone. It was a challenge for us to gain autonomy so that the institution was as credible and relevant among people as it is today.

IIP – And what were the biggest achievements you celebrated?

Leandra Ferreira Leite – The partnership with Fundação Iochpe for the Formare Project; the change in Nature and Body in Três Lagoas, which brought another level of involvement to schools, attaining new benefits. The success of the partnership with Book City and the growth of Supportive Beekeeping.

Gláucia Faria – Without question, International Paper Institute turning 10 years old is the biggest achievement we’ve celebrated.

IIP – Does International Paper Institute have plans for the future? What are they?

Leandra Ferreira Leite – To maintain projects that are significant for beneficiaries and offer new programs that better serve the communities where we act, both in the paper and packaging business. This year, we carried out a diagnosis to identify where we can work better, and this will be what we discuss moving forward.

Gláucia Faria – To continue projects and work on new projects so that we can increasingly transform the lives of young people and adolescents in the communities where we work.

IIP – What is your relationship with IIP?

Leandra Ferreira Leite – Partnership. A relationship that is established on assistance, on development and on the recognition of the institute by all publics. I have participated in Formare as a volunteer since the first year, in 2010, and I am very proud to see this project make a difference in people’s lives.

Gláucia Faria – It is beyond professional; the Institute has become a part of me. Our projects transform people’s lives and they take with them the seed of the message that we planted over these 10 years.

IIP – International Paper Institute is…

Leandra Ferreira Leite – An institution focused on social transformation of people’s lives, working with the community with the goal of making a difference in education and social and environmental responsibility.

Gláucia Faria – A propagator of environmental awareness and sustainability for our future generations.

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