IIP celebrates “National Volunteer Day”

National Volunteer Day is celebrated on August 28. To commemorate, Formare students organized and paid homage to the program’s Volunteer Educators (VEs) and tutors.

The event included messages, songs and presentations by students in Mogi Guaçu (SP), Luiz Antônio (SP) and Três Lagoas (MS) for the VEs. They also prepared a special video with photos of the activities they have been doing with educators during the program. This edition of Formare ends in December.

The homage reinforces the importance of volunteer work for IP, which uses programs and projects to carry out social and community initiatives. The work of the Volunteer Educators, along with the Social Responsibility teams, is to carry out educational activities with Formare students over 10 months.

The program has already trained over 400 students since 2010. This year alone, 174 professionals decided to share their knowledge with students during the 2017 edition. The large number of registrations for the project shows International Paper’s commitment to and engagement with volunteering.

Another social initiative is the Guardians of the Water program. Last year, the action promoted an unforgettable Easter for 73 children at Centro de Promoção Social Bororé, a social center. The event brought together around 66 guardians, who gave kids chocolates and lots of toys.

History of the date – On August 28, 1985, National Volunteer Day was instituted by Law no. 7.352. The first volunteer workers in Brazil were a group of Portuguese immigrants living in São Vicente. They welcomed adventurers exhausted from long overseas trips who were crossing the ocean to reach new lands. At first, volunteer organizations were quite commonly associated with religious and ethnic organizations.

Another historical milestone that is widely known by people in Brazil was the start of the Red Cross in 1908. The organization began an international movement of scouting in the country and contributed non-profit volunteering free from party affiliations as a reference.

In 1993, volunteer work gained strength with the creation of Citizenship Action against Hunger and Misery and for Life. The aim of this movement was to raise awareness and organize Brazilian society for initiatives to combat hunger.

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