Winning Guardians of the Water Project schools reiterate the importance of water

shutterstock_347798567From July to September, public school educators in Luís Antônio (SP) and the region worked on raising student awareness regarding preservation of water resources, through the “Guardians of the Water” project, coordinated by International Paper Institute.

The schools in Luís Antonio, Altinópolis, Guatapará and São Simão, in the state of São Paulo, submitted their projects to reduce water waste and the winners received a cash prize to make their ideas a reality and put them into practice.

Getting to work – The Marcílio Bondesan School, the winner in São Simão, built a mini cistern to collect and reuse rainwater, creating savings.

While the Prof. Andréia Sertori Sandrin School, in Guatapará, included dynamics to raise awareness about water conservation in its project, in addition to setting up an unprecedented green space at the school. To do this, a green roof was built using treated eucalyptus. The aim was to show students that it is possible to respect nature and bring more life to the area, even in a small space.

In Altinópolis, a talk on sustainability was held at Prof. Carmem Miguel Vicari School, given by civil engineer Wadje de Mello Sobiesiak, who discussed people’s role in preserving the environment. He showed how it is each person’s duty to collaborate to reduce pollution, saving natural resources. The engineer used the occasion to show students the plans for a project to implement two water reservoirs.

At the Helena Maria Luiz de Mello School, in Luiz Antônio, the project included building a cistern on the patio to use rainwater to irrigate a garden made by the students using PET bottles and tires.

IIP – The involvement of schools with the Guardians of the Water Project promotes changing behavior among individuals towards the sustainable use of water resources. Preserving nature means guaranteeing our own existence.

Saving water is a subject that will always garner reflection and awareness. That is why International Paper Institute has worked on behalf of this cause since 2008, joining the entire academic community, so that people’s lives can indeed be transformed.

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