IP Institute brings “Guardians of the Water” project to Rio Verde

City hosts sailor Amyr Klink for a talk, in addition to the “Waterline” exhibit, showing photographs from Klink’s expeditions and highlighting conscientious use of water resources.


The 2016 edition of the “Guardians of the Water” is coming to Rio Verde – GO for the first time. The event kicking off this edition includes a talk on responsible consumption with sailor Amyr Klink, who has made over 40 oceanic voyages, including 15 to Antarctica, in his 30 years on the seas. The event is taking place on February 26 (Friday), at 7 PM at Senac Rio Verde.

The “Guardians of the Water” project is an International Paper Institute initiative to raise awareness about responsible use of water resources in communities near the company’s units. The project involves primary schools in the region and is aimed at getting people to pass along ecologically sustainable attitudes.

Klink was the first and only person to row solo across the South Atlantic, in 1984, aboard his boat, the I.A.T. Upon returning to land, he registered his experience in the book “100 Days Between Sea and Sky,” the first of his five publications.


In 2006, he launched “Waterline: Between Shipyards and Sailors,” a book that is celebrating its one decade anniversary this year and for which the travelling photo exhibit that is coming to Rio Verde is named, an exhibit featuring the sailor’s travels. In addition to photos, the I.A.T, the boat used by Klink in his solo journey across the Atlantic 30 years ago, will also be on display to the public at the free show.

In three decades of sailing the high seas, Amyr Klink has become a reference in conscientious consumption of water resources, since his long journeys across the oceans require precise planning of the amount of fresh water needed on board and control in its use so that none goes to waste.

The “Waterline” exhibit is a free event being held from February 27 to March 4 at Buriti Shopping, located at Rua O, 1044 – Jardim Campestre.

Open to the public from 10 AM to 10 PM, Monday thru Friday. Open on Sunday from 2 PM to 8 PM.

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