“Guardians of the Water” extends registration until May 20

Rio Verde schools will have a few more days to register. Contest will award the public schools that have the best projects.


Since 2008, International Paper Institute has promoted the “Guardians of the Water” Project, aimed at involving public schools in developing projects that contribute to cutting water consumption throughout the academic community. This year, the project is being held for the first time in the municipality of Rio Verde, in the state of Goiás, and schools in the region will have the chance to put their ideas into practice.

Registration has been extended to May 20 and the three best projects will receive funding so that they can go from idea to reality. Moreover, the teachers and school employees that come up with the three best projects will also receive cash awards that could range from BRL 1,000 to 2,000.

To take part, schools need to register at the www.institutoip.com.br website and read the call for submissions, which contains all of the rules for submitting projects. Public state and municipal schools in Rio Verde providing primary education (Early Childhood Education and Elementary Schools) are eligible to participate. All projects will be submitted to a panel of judges made up of International Paper professionals along with some other specialists.

In other words, in addition to the three prizes recognizing the applicants whose projects are selected in the call for submissions, IIP will also fund execution of the selected projects with up to BRL 8,000 per school.

You can be a “Guardian of the Water” too

The “Guardians of the Water” project is an International Paper Institute initiative geared towards raising awareness among educators, students and other members of civil society about rational use of water resources. In addition to the contest being held this year in the city of Rio Verde, IIP has held a series of activities related to this theme to raise community awareness regarding the substantial need to think about the issue of water use.

The actions connected to the project this year started with a talk by sailor Amyr Klink, a reference in conscientious consumption of water, and the “Waterline” exhibition, featuring photographic records of Klink’s expeditions, on display at the Buriti Shopping Center from February to March.

In addition to the exhibit, IIP brought the “Mundi Space” to Rio Verde, a travelling theater that tells the story of Dr. Drop and his concerns about water on the Planet. The play could be seen by over 4,800 public school children in the city and also included a session opened to the public.

The “Guardians of the Water” call for submissions marks the final stage of the project and is aimed at mobilizing the academic community in the region to innovate in projects that provide for water savings, bringing together simplicity and creativity and forming agents to spread good water consumption practices for a more sustainable world. “We believe in the potential of children and young people as multipliers and the best space to develop innovation in a creative and simple way is the school, precisely because of the attention that young people pay to what’s new, allied with the experience of educators, who are able to see things from another perspective,” says Glaucia Faria, Social Responsibility and Sustainability Coordinator at International Paper Institute.



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