Be a Guardian of the Water!

Through simple actions, you too can become a defender of this very precious natural resource


Saving water has been a widely debated topic in recent years, as a result of the availability of water and the impacts of drought on various regions of Brazil.

Aware of its social responsibility, every year International Paper Institute promotes the “Guardians of the Water” project, with 2016 marking the project’s 9th year, with the goal of involving public school students and teachers as well as IP professionals in a movement to raise awareness about the rational use of water resources and environmental conservation.

The idea is to provide more than a moment for reflection, forming agents that can pass along environmentally sustainable attitudes in the communities where they live.  That is why mobilizing school-age children is very important, so that they can learn that preservation happens through day-to-day actions and water needs guardians everywhere!

Quick guide to becoming a Guardian of Water:

  • When bathing: turn off the shower while you lather up, turning it back on to rinse off. By turning the shower off, consumption can go from 180 to 48 liters of water.
  • When brushing your teeth: close the tap and use a cup of water to rinse. Doing this can save up to three liters of water.
  • When flushing: check to make sure the valve is working properly. Press it once and do not throw trash in the toilet.
  • At the tap: an open tap uses 12 to 20 liters per minute. A dripping faucet can use up to 46 liters per day. That equals 1,380 liters per month.
  • Washing the dishes: keeping the tap open the entire time while washing the dishes wastes up to 105 liters of water. Wash the dishes with the tap closed and then rinse everything after washing. The dishwasher uses 40 liters of water. Only use it with a full load of dishes.
  • Washing the car: wash your car fewer times during the month. When you wash it at home, use a bucket instead of a hose, which can use around 600 liters of water in just one wash.
  •  When cleaning the yard and sidewalk: use a broom and, if needed, use grey water from the washing machine.

Although more rainfall is expected in late 2015 and early 2016, filling reservoirs and stabilizing the water supply in various cities, we need to stay alert to avoid waste.

The water shortage that we recently experienced should serve as a reminder that water is a finite resource and that if we do not take care of it now, it will not be there in the future.

Think about it!


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