Gardening by mail

Project encourages a mail-based seed exchange


With e-mail, people now rarely mail letters. But Anaísa Catucci, an executive from Florianópolis, had an original idea that gained over 2,000 followers in just 24 hours: exchanging seeds by mail. That was how the “Seeds around the World” (Sementes pelo Mundo) project started.

The idea began when Anaísa and her boyfriend decided to plant a garden at home. They gave away leftover seeds through social media, drawing thousands of people they did not know and many more than the amount of seeds they had. By joining her love of correspondence and gardening, the executive formed a seed exchange that works by sending letters in the mail with planting instructions.

The project is currently looking for partners to continue to grow and gather stories. Those interested come from different walks of life, ranging from parents that want to show their kids how a seed germinates to those that have lost loved ones and find gardening to be therapeutic.

Plants in education – International Paper Institute has had the “Nature and Body” project at the Três Lagoas (MS) units since 2013. The goal of the initiative is to spread regional culture by growing herbs and planting community gardens at public schools.

By 2015, “Nature and Body” had brought back the tradition, with plants used by our grandparents in teas and cooking, showing how they benefit our health. Last year, the project entered a new phase and brought the garden to school. In a multidisciplinary proposal, the initiative brought together teachers from various subject areas, who used the garden beds to explain content from the traditional curriculum, connecting theory and practice.

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