What some of the world’s most important social entrepreneurs do

At first sight, we have the impression that doing something that is relevant seems complicated and takes more time than we think we have. Although major projects seem hard to build, they all began one day with someone who believed in the potential of a chance and who gathered efforts for a cause.

And that was the case with some people around the world who accepted the challenge and showed that it is possible to generate major results, engaging people in some kind of social and/or environmental transformation. See what some of the world’s most important social entrepreneurs are doing and get inspired!

Blue Venture Conservations The initiative creates environmental conservation models to work with communities living in coastal regions, to teach the best way of joining local commerce (based on oceanic resources, such as fishing) with food safety and economic growth.

Educate Girls In India, the academic scenario is still very restricted, especially in relation to the access women have. Educate Girls looks for girls in isolated villages and communities and, through volunteer educators, provides them with conditions to attend basic education classes.

BasicNeeds After a remarkable experience in Africa, BasicNeeds was founded to guarantee that the fundamental rights of people with mental illness are recognized and respected. The project gathers efforts to alleviate the symptoms of illness these people experience and include them in household, social and economic activities.

Want to learn more? See videos with documentaries about these and other volunteer initiatives that make a difference around the world here:


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