Want to be a volunteer? Tips for hit the ground running in 2015

Why not start 2015 by doing good?

If you want to be a volunteer, but still do not know how to go about finding responsible and active organizations, relax. We have a list of options for you to put all of your talent towards a good cause starting next year.

We live in a country where services offered by the government do not always meet increasing social demands. It is in this context that NGOs or non-profit social organizations appear. With lots of will and, oftentimes, little money, NGOs work find qualified labor hard to come by to serve their projects and increase the scale of those benefitting. That is where you come in and make all the difference!

It is very easy to be a volunteer. Do you know Portuguese, math, IT systems, the arts, marketing or finance, or do you not know anything but still want to help, learn and do good? Great! What matters is exercising your citizenship and being part of building a more just world.

There are many initiatives that organize and distribute NGO volunteers nationwide. Below are a few that we trust in and support:

Atados: https://www.atados.com.br

Volunteers Online: http://voluntariosonline.org.br

São Paulo Volunteer Center: http://www.voluntariado.org.br

In most cases the process is quite simple: you choose a project to work on with a theme that you may be interested in, inform the organization of your specific skills or any area you want to work in and, finally, the region where you want to work.

In a short time you will receive a response and will be called to learn about the organization. People like you change the world. Be a volunteer and help to transform the lives of many people in need!

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