The Role of Mothers in environmental education with children

After celebrating Mother’s Day, we notice how fundamental the role of each person in educating kids. It is at home that the habits for a healthier and more responsible life are taught and absorbed by an entire generation. And teaching kids is a fun task that can be applied to routine in a natural way, far removed from methods that are hard to put into practice: actually, the ideal is the simpler, the better. Here are some tips to take some initial steps:


Conscientious use of water is a serious matter and is everyone’s responsibility, which is why children can also contribute to saving and reusing this resource. Collecting rainwater, checking dripping faucets or keeping an eye on how long you are in the shower can be simple ways for little ones to learn the importance of conscientiously using water.


The trash bin is not always the best place to discard objects: in addition to stimulating creativity by giving some packages a new use, this is a great chance to start to think about replacing disposable goods with packaging that can be washed and used again. And for others, it is always worth teaching how to correctly separate trash so that it can be recycled later.


In addition to savings in the electric bill, this is also savings for the planet. Paying attention to electricity use is a way to contribute to the environment and encourage kids to feel responsible: equipment that is plugged in continues to consume energy, even in standby, as do lights that are on in rooms that nobody is using and devices turned on without use.

More sustainable behavior, more solutions and more responsibilities. If some of these are already in your day-to-day, then do not forget to share more ideas with us to make this list even more complete!


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