Sustainable Children’s Theater Show in São Paulo

Art working on behalf of sustainability.

This was the main objective of the First Annual Sustainable Children’s Theater Show or MATIS, its acronym in Portuguese, in São Paulo. The event was launched during the last Virada Sustentável, an event promoting sustainability, at Água Branca Park, with a children’s show held on December 13 and 14 which used a playful theatrical experience to show children the importance of practicing basic concepts of sustainability in any task they do day-to-day.

With current and thoughtful content, the play is not only sure to impact kids’ consciousness, it also but planted a seed in the minds of the adults that were there with their kids. The aim was to get everyone, especially the littlest kids, to relate to the environment in a closer and more respectful way. By dealing with environmental topics and concepts of citizenship in different ways, the show underscored the importance and general benefits to the planet when we change our standards of behavior and, as a result, our daily practices to have a more just and sustainable world.

Everyone who saw it loved it!

Don’t miss the next Virada Sustentável! Take the chance to bring the kids to watch a beautiful plan while also learning more about sustainability! For more details, go to the website.

First Annual Sustainable Children’s Theater Show – MATIS
Show: The 3 R’s and the Big Mission – Atrapa Theater Troupe
Website: http://www.matis.art.br


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