Goodbye plastic bags

Since early April in the city of São Paulo, many establishments have stopped providing those traditional plastic bags to adopt more sustainable measures. For those that miss this shopping companion (especially at the supermarket), it is time to say goodbye; but do not worry – there are ways to get the same efficiency with much less impact on the environment.

Top 3 – Always recycle!

There are bags made from recycled materials, from plastic to cardboard. They are not disposable, so you can use them for a long time to carry small loads of purchases. And if it is recycled, that is already a big help!

Top 2 – For the whole family

If you need to carry lots of items, then the foldable handcart could be the solution:  it is resistant and there are several different sizes that you can pick from according to your needs. Moreover, it is much easier than carrying everything at once.

Top 1 – For every taste, in every size

This could even be called popular: there are different colors, details and sizes to choose at will. The big advantage is portability, since the eco bag can be folded up and stored anywhere, including in a purse, just in case there is last-minute trip to the supermarket.

With new alternatives at hand, now it is easier to go shopping without missing those plastic bags. The environment thanks you and the benefits go to those most interested: ourselves.

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