Former Formare IP student achieves Yellow Belt certification

Jediel Sabino was part of the Project’s first class in 2010 and now she is a chemical engineer


At 24 and with seven years spent as an IP employee, Jediel Sabino is an example for the new Formare classes. Hired by IP in 2010, after graduating from Fomare, he began his career at the company as a lab assistant and was a Technician I and II before becoming a Caustification Panel and lime oven operator.

During these seven years, Jediel received a degree in Chemical Engineering from Faculdade Municipal Professor Franco Montoro, in Mogi Guaçu, and enhanced his career. This year, he received Yellow Belt certification, given to professionals who undergo “Six Sigma” methodology training to improve processes at the company.

The certificate – Getting a Yellow Belt requires specific training and submission of a project. To achieve certification, Jediel proposed a project to save on chemicals in the recovery process, reducing the PH of grits (waste from pulp and paper manufacturing).

“The idea came from an environmental need to control the PH in byproducts generated in the caustification process. With the implementation of the improvement plan, we saw savings of BRL 16,000 per month in chemical product losses, in addition to improving environmental targets,” he explains.

The importance of Formare – As a student in the first Formare IP class, Jediel says that having taken part in the classes was fundamental for him to be able to more clearly build his career. He mostly took advantage of the guidance he received from more experienced professionals. “Formare showed me what my life would be like at a company. This really helped me to establish a career plan, to make decisions about my education,” says the former student, who has already participated as a Volunteer Educator in Project classes.

Making it happen – With his experience of having gone through Formare and become an IP professional, Jediel reinforces the importance of continual learning to build a professional life, with room for new achievements and growth. “You have to be willing to learn, to be curious and to seize opportunities to get answers to all of your questions. All knowledge, no matter how simple it may be, results in major gains when applied,” he says.

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