Formare students visit higher learning institution

Invitation extended by a Volunteer Educator gave the young students the chance to talk with university students

On June 8, Formare students at Três Lagoas (MS) gave a presentation at the 1st Academic, Cultural and Sports Week of Business Administration and Accounting Sciences at the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul. The event, held at the Campus II amphitheater at the University, discussed topics on innovation, motivation and the job market.

The students were invited by Otávio Rodrigues, a Business Administration student from UFMS and a Formare Volunteer Educator. “The event needed something unusual, which is different from university startup projects. My idea initially was to bring the students to attend the talks, but then I suggested that they more effectively participate in the Academic Week,” he explains.

The Formare students gave a presentation on “The History of Startups,” following the theme chosen for the day’s debates. It was the first time that they had ever given a presentation for a larger number of people.

As the basis for the content that would be taught, Rodrigues says that the project’s first module discussed topics related to “Teamwork Relations,” with the aim of advising them on attitudes and verbal communication during presentations.

The university students thought that the students’ organization and performance was amazing, including new concepts on the topic. “There was a lot of participation from the students and the young people from Formare were able to deal very well with these situations,” says Otávio.

Other Volunteer Educators were able to attend the students’ presentation and were proud of this experience. “It exceeded our expectations, since we always place a lot of trust in them,” says the Volunteer Educator in closing.

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