Formare students visit Book Fair in Ribeirão Preto

Young people expand their knowledge of sustainability and professional qualification

cidadão sustentável

On June 6, the Luiz Antônio Formare School Project class attended the 17th edition of the National Book Fair in Ribeirão Preto, held by Fundação do Livro e da Leitura. The theme for the event, which took place from June 4 to 11 at Theatro Pedro II and at Tenda Sesc, was “From liberating knowledge to love that educates,” with a proposal to debate and reflect on the role of books in education.

This year, the Fair prioritized discussions on educational development, which tends to benefit kids, adolescents and the community at large. Activities included an homage to Portugal, the mother country of Portuguese, the world’s eighth most spoken language.


cidadão sustentável 2

Formare students visited a stand with the “Sustainable Citizen” game, covering the relationship between environmental issues and sustainability, with the goal of reflecting on the responsibility of caring for the natural environment and the city. During the dynamic, students gained access to information that they will be able to use in the Environment classes within the program at International Paper Institute.

The State Technical School – Centro Paula Souza stand was also visited by the students. where they asked questions about the selection process and free technical courses. In addition to these activities, the Fair opened a space for talks and expositions, cultural presentations and workshops.

For Sabrina Tenello, who is with IP’s Social Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability area, the importance of the extracurricular activities is that they are a chance for students to not only reflect on professional life, but also on their role in citizenship. “We want to make a significant contribution to forming good citizens,” says Tenello.

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