Formare students receive the visit of the Industrial Operations Manager

Foto Eurípedes Valadao

At 37 years of age, the Industrial Operations Manager of the Luiz Antônio unit, Eurípedes Valadão Jr., has dedicated more than half of his life to International Paper. A total of 19 years of work, making him an expert when the subject is pulp and paper production. In his almost two decades of work, there is at least five years where he has dedicated himself to activities with the Formare students, sharing experience and providing guidance. At the end of July, Valadão, as he is called by his colleagues at IP, took part in one more edition of Formare Chat.

He was trained as an engineer, Valadão joined IP when he was 18, and built a long-lasting path of professional growth. That is what he talked about with Formare students, who are in the process of making a decision about their career. “I tried to show them, based on my story, some of the potential paths so that they understand how the dynamics of professional life work,” he explains.

ALL KINDS OF DOUBTS – Personal and career choices are a recurring theme in the meetings between executives and students, who take the opportunity to clarify doubts, taking the utmost advantage of the examples and guidance conveyed through life experiences of those who have learned a lot from their mistakes and achievements in life. “Students asked me about the difficulties I faced in my career and my personal choices. I feel that they ask that because they want to know which path they should take to put their future on the right track.”

At the end of the conversation, the executives that take part in the Formare Chat always leave the students with a message for them to keep up their studies and be successful in their journey. With Valadão it was no different. “Don’t give up on your dreams, if your current dreams are too distant, change your dream and readapt so that you can fulfill them little by little. When fulfilling a dream, look for another and remember that the only thing we take from life are our experiences,” he says.

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