Formare students honor volunteers and family at graduation ceremony

Ceremonies were held on December 13, 14 and 19

December marked the end of IP Formare activities, bringing with it the feeling of a duty accomplished and good memories, with the 46 students graduating the course in Mogi Guaçu (SP), Luís Antonio (SP) and Três Lagoas (MS) saying farewell.

_MG_0031Mogi Guaçu – The 19 students at the unit kicked off the graduation festivities on December 13. The ceremony highlighted the work of volunteer educators (VEs) José Carlos Alexandre Barbosa, named outstanding VE and the class counselor, and the class paranymph Jhonathan Pimenta, recognized for his performance and his friendly relations with the young people.

The speaker chosen by the Mogi Guaçu students was Gustavo Borges, who thanked his colleagues for their partnership during the months of Formare classes, in addition to recognizing the work of the volunteers. The graduate paid a brief homage to all of his family members at the Espaço Gênesis, the location chosen for the ceremony.

image006Luiz Antônio – The following day (14), the ceremony was held for the Luiz Antônio (SP) unit class. The 17 graduates gathered at Espaço Indaiá, in the city of Ribeirão Preto (SP), to celebrate the end of one stage and the start of a new professional future.

The speaker, Júlia Souza, spoke about the lessons the entire team learned during the year and gave thanks for the opportunities the project provided her and the friends she made. Graduate Rafaela Duarte gave a speech honoring the volunteers and student Marcelo Alves thanked all of the families on behalf of the entire 2017 class for their support during Formare.

Trainee Gabriella Pavanelli was chosen as the “breakout star” VE at Luiz Antônio. Her first time in Formare, she was responsible for the Basic Math class and thanked everyone for the opportunity and lessons she learned alongside the students. VE Claudecil Prado was the outstanding veteran of the night; he has worked with the project since the first class in 2011, accompanying the growth of not only the students year to year, but also of the IP Formare program as an instrument to transform the lives of the region’s young people.

In addition to Gabriella and Claudecil, Administrative Supervisor Wagner Cortez was also honored. He was responsible for the Environment and Corporate Organization class, acting as a tutor in the Aim for the Example program, where executives choose a student to tutor. In addition, he set aside time for one-time meetings with each project student. That is why the Luiz Antônio class chose him as the VE Friend of the Class.

Três Lagoas – In Mato Grosso do Sul, the ceremony was held on December 19 at the Triunfo Eventos space. Student Natalya Moreira was the speaker, representing the unit’s 10 students. She thanked the VEs for their dedication and her classmates for sharing their knowledge. Cleisla Martins highlighted the dedication of the Volunteer Educators, represented by Otávio Rodrigues, chosen as the class counselor.

Student Juliane Ribeiro recognized the work of the Três Lagoas class paranymph, Helder Carvalho, chosen for his good relationship with the 2017 class. The students chose their classmate Lincoln Batista to thank their families.

The night’s honorees handed out the diplomas and gave the young people words of encouragement to continue to do well in their studies to move forward professionally.

The event was attended by local IP leaders, the President of the Institute, Leandra Ferreira Leite, and by the Social Responsibility Manager, Gláucia Faria.

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