Formare IP opens registrations for Volunteer Educators in 2017

Any IP professional can choose a subject to teach by February 17 for the upcoming classes in Mogi Guaçu, Luiz Antônio and Três Lagoas


Registrations are open now for the next team of Volunteer Educators for the 2017 class for the Formare School Project. The only prerequisite to be a volunteer is wanting to volunteer.

Last year, around 150 professionals registered to give classes to Project students at the pulp and paper units located in Mogi Guaçu (SP), Luiz Antônio (SP) and Três Lagoas (MS).  This year, even more Formare volunteers are expected, showing the commitment of IP professionals to educating young people.

A will to teach and learn – each professional can choose up to three subjects to teach classes in, according to their knowledge and area of work. That way they contribute to the development of young people who are currently making career decisions. “The experience of working as a VE is quite enriching, since I learned to deal with different opinions and listen more. It’s leadership training,” says Gláuber Sales, a volunteer educator in Mogi Guaçu.

For Wagner Cortez, a volunteer educator at Luiz Antônio, taking part in Formare has also helped him to find solutions in his day-to-day. “Looking for materials to prepare the classes has shown me that there is a lot of similarity between the subjects developed in the course and that are discussed routinely at work. I not only found solutions, but was also able to use the students’ ideas and implement them in my work,” he says.

At Três Lagoas, volunteer educator Bruna Locatelli sees Formare as a two-way street in building knowledge, capable of transforming anyone that wants to teach and those that come to learn. “It’s a project that has taught me to be better in every respect. It’s very gratifying,” she says.

Start of classes – the school year for students in the IP Formare School Project begins on March 3. In 2017, the 50 students who were accepted follow the same calendar, with the end of the course set for November. Over the next ten months, the classes will have the chance to learn a bit more about the pulp and paper manufacturing process, in addition to learning about concepts of oral and written communication, English language, sustainability, safety and other topics.

The goal is to combine some theoretical disciplines that will help students with placement in the job market, with a practical part geared towards industrial processes. “The idea is to give students the tools so that they are able to take part in future job interviews, showing all of their potential, with a good resume and good experience, because of the interactions they have during the course,” explains Gláucia Faria, Social Responsibility and Sustainability Manager at IP.

This year, over 500 candidates from three regions took part in the selective process to vie for a spot in the IP Formare program.

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