Formare IP has over ten candidates for each spot

A total of 546 students registered for the 50 open spots. Três Lagoas (MS) had the most competitive spots.


Since 2010, low-income youth that are recent high school graduates from the Mogi Guaçu and Luiz Antônio (SP) or Três Lagoas (MS) regions have been able to enroll in the International Paper Formare School Project selective process. The professional education program, coordinated by International Paper Institute, is now in its eighth edition and is as competitive as college entrance exams. The total ratio was 10.92 candidates per spot.

This year, the most popular location was Três Lagoas (MS). There were 185 young people who enrolled for one of the ten spots offered in the city in Mato Grosso do Sul, giving the location the highest candidate/spot ratio, with over 18 young people competing for each spot.

Mogi Guaçu was the second most popular location. With 215 registrations and 20 openings in the course, the ratio was 10.75 candidates/spot. In addition to the municipality itself, registrations in Luiz Antônio are also open to residents of Guatapará, São Simão and Santa Rosa de Viterbo. The ratio of candidates per spot at this unit was 7.3, with 146 competing for the 20 openings.

Selective process – After registering in the selective process through the IIP website, candidates begin tests in Portuguese Language, Math and Composition. Those that pass move onto the third phase, where they take part in a group dynamic, at which time they are exposed to situations that allow recruiters to start to learn about and identify the candidates’ profiles.

In the next phase, selected candidates take part in an individual interview and, for the first time, they had the chance to tour the factory at the location where they were competing for a spot. The last round in the selective process was a home visit done by the IIP team with the goal of learning about the candidate’s family, checking socio-economic requirements and confirming the information provided during selection.

Now, the 50 young people accepted undergo a 10-month professional training program, where they learn about the dynamics of the labor market and the particularities of the pulp and paper manufacturing process. Formare School Project activities are done by volunteer educators (VEs), International Paper professionals that are dedicated to sharing knowledge and who set aside time in their schedules to creating classes for program students.

The curriculum includes subjects from the regular secondary school curriculum, such as Math, Physics, Chemistry and English; yet the main focus is on professional training, covering subjects such as communications and relations, industrial organization, electromechanical maintenance, pulp and paper production and professional practices aimed at fulfilling the practical demands of students’ education.

This year, the three Formare IP classes will follow the same timeline and classes are set to start on March 7. At the end of the course, in addition to the knowledge they gain, students also gain an edge on their resumes: a professional training certificate, issued by UTFPR (Federal University of Technology – Paraná) and accredited by the Ministry of Education (MEC).

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