Formare chat reinforces the importance of career

Leonardo (002)From time to time, the International Paper Institute promotes a meeting between Formare students and professionals from different areas at IP for a relaxed conversation about studies and career opportunities. This initiative is called the “Formare Chat.” In April, the Luiz Antônio class had the chance to learn a bit more about the career path of Leonardo Vieira, a Recovery and Utilities Manager.

Leonardo has been with IP for six years, having started as an intern in the finishing area. Next, he moved into the pulp division’s maintenance area before going to the area where he currently works and becoming a manager. During this time, he says that he has taken part in Formare on various occasions.

As a Volunteer Educator (VE), he gave classes in the subjects of Basic Math, Support Math and Paper Production. He has therefore had the chance to join his background in engineering with the industry’s routine. “I’ve always liked Formare very much, since the exchange of information we have with students and all of the interaction during the course teaches us a lot,” he says, referencing what he learned during the editions when he was a VE.

During the meeting with students, Vieira talked about getting his start at IP and the characteristics he finds essential to career development at the company: a willingness to grow and always learn, dedication and searching for information not only about the area where you work, but also other areas that interest you. “The desire to learn about other areas and find out about topics in these different areas helped me to achieve my current position at the company. You must be open to new things and must always research,” he says.

Thirst for knowledge – Leonardo highlighted a characteristic he considers a differential in the 2017 class at Luiz Antonio: the students’ desire to go to college. “In previous years, I heard lots of young people say that after Formare, their main goal was to get a job. In this class, almost all of the students have said they want to continue studying and go to college, which makes me very happy,” he says.

Finding skills – Formare gives students countless possibilities to develop skills and competencies, with a focus on their professional future. Activities are designed so that students identify their strengths and develop the characteristics they need to improve. That is why interaction with each other and collaboration are essential.

In this sense, Leonardo thinks self-awareness is valuable to identify what can be developed. This was one of the messages he made a point of conveying to the students. “We need to be aware of what we have to improve, because this helps us to grow,” he says, mentioning the challenge of overcoming his own shyness as an example, by working on public speaking to help him in his professional life.


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