Formare Chat joins philosophy and pop culture to talk about choices


The famous Greek aphorism attributed to Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, “Know thyself,” served as the basis for a chat between Newton Scavone, IP Security Manager, and Formare School Project students at the Luiz Antônio unit on August 28. Scavone did more than take a new look at a classic phrase, showing how it is applicable today and can be a life lesson, since self-awareness is something humans are constantly searching for and this awareness is essential to maturing. “We can only outline a personal plan to improve when we know ourselves and want better,” he said at the meeting.

At 63, Scavone took the adolescents through his lifetime of experiences, recalling his career path and his start at the company nearly 35 years ago. As an active participant in  Formare activities since the Project began at Luiz Antonio, the Security Manager spoke about his personal values and advised the students on making good choices in the future.  “Good choices happen when sown, and they must be reaped in any situation,” he said.

Losses and gains – Scavone had to deal with loss from a young age. At eight years old, his father died, leaving him and his two brothers, who were 9 and six months old at the time, to look elsewhere for references throughout their lives. He took charge of showing them ways, through great effort, dedication and awareness that fulfilling his duties generates results and opens doors. “I’ve always had people with consolidated careers who inspired me to follow my own ideas. I believe in following examples. ”

And it was through these references and a search for constant betterment that many opportunities arose, which can also happen for Formare students when they use all of their potential in their chosen careers.  “They need to want it and to get excited for things to happen; the big question is not what they have now in Formare, but what they will do with all of this learning in the future and this is something that I talk about a lot with the student I tutor as well,” he says.

From philosophy to pop culture – In addition to his reference to Socrates during the chat, Scavone connected the past to the present by touching on American TV show Glee, where deaf students, along with the cast of the show, sing John Lennon’s Imagine, mixing voice and sign language. He used this resource to show that from Ancient Greece to the classic hit from the 1970s, reinterpreted in the 2000s, there are lessons and teachings that cross generations. “The students are moved; one of them came to me at the end saying that he wanted to change the way he is and this was the most beautiful and gratifying encouragement I’ve ever had,” said the professional, who told the young man to follow his intuition, something that “always brings us great lessons.”

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