Education and innovation, a challenge for thinking together

When it comes to education, questions come up related to the progress of methods used in Brazilian schools. In this context, it’s great news to discover positive things happening through small initiatives by professionals who are committed to and able to provoke not just students, but the entire community in these regions.

Caio Dib is the founder of the o Caindo no Brasil project, aimed at leveraging these small initiatives and spreading them to multiply their results. In a short talk, Caio spoke about the challenges of visiting 58 different cities to learn more about what is happening at our schools. The result was even more exciting than expected!

We took advantage of International Education Day, being celebrated this week, to talk about this very important and very promising topic. The challenge is to get us to think about our perception of the real chances for learning inside and outside of schools. Alternatives to this process prove to be just as or more efficient than traditional methods and they help parents and teachers to discuss new horizons in education.

“You can be an agent of transformation in your neighborhood, in your city, in your country. You can learn and teach anywhere. Everyone is an educator, education happens in the plural.”

Click here to see the full video with the experiences from this interesting trip through Brazil.


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