Earth Charter celebrates 15 years

2000, a document was drafted to cause reflection on the balance between man, nature and sustainable development. The Earth Charter, as it was known, was launched at Unesco headquarters in the Netherlands and included the collaboration of thousands of people to discuss 21st century challenges. This year, on June 29, the Earth Charter will celebrate 15 years and, now more than ever, it is a reference for social collaboration and behavior.

If you are not yet familiar with this document, you can find the  complete publication hereSixteen basic principles are mentioned, grouped into 4 major themes, which are:

  • Respect and care for the community of life; 
  • Ecological Integrity; 
  • Social and Economic Justice; 
  • Democracy, non-violence and peace. 

Translated into over 40 languages, institutions across the world mobilized to execute actions to contribute to the principles of this document. Here in Brazil, the most prominent action was the “Earth Charter for children” developed by the Núcleo dos Amigos da Infância e da Adolescência, a center promoting childhood and adolescence, to discuss the topic in a simple and clear way with thousands of primary school children.

The brochure is illustrated and talks to readers using the language of kids, as if the author were a child. The Earth Charter for children can be  accessed here.

 “Let ours be a time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to achieve sustainability, the quickening of the struggle for justice and peace, and the joyful celebration of life.”


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