Biennale is the stage for a meeting between Formare students


A meeting between Formare IP students at the Mogi Guaçu and Luiz Antônio units is already part of the calendar of activities at International Paper Institute. This year, the company provided a chance for students to exchange knowledge as well as fun and culture, with a visit to the International Book Biennale, in São Paulo.

As one of the event’s sponsors, IP was able to bring students to São Paulo and provide a unique and fun moment in an inspiring space that values an exchange of ideas. After all, who doesn’t like a good recommendation for reading?

On the literature route – students left the Luiz Antônio and Mogi Guaçu units and had a first stop in the city of Limeira, where they met for breakfast before continuing their trip in a single bus, where they took part in some group dynamics that encouraged exchange of learning experiences.

A book and a challenge – the trip to the Book Biennale was overseen by the IP CSR and Sustainability team and by Elídio Frias, a Marketing Executive from Solenis, a partner in the Institute’s initiatives. The executive talked with students about careers and their futures and gave them a book and a challenge: to finish reading it by the end of the year. A goal that may be easy for some students, while for others it is just the start of building a new habit: travelling through the pages of a book.




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