7 ways to help someone

A little time, a big difference. By dedicating just a few minutes of your day, you can do something that makes a difference to the people around you. Have you ever thought that with little actions you can do a lot? To provide help without gathering major efforts, all you need is a little dedication! This is our tip for today. Learn 7 more ways to help someone: be nice, teach, donate something that can be reused… do you do any of these things?

    1. Smile and be nice: the classic “kindness begets kindness” still works very well.
    2. Be a volunteer: we have already talked here about the huge benefits of being part of a social initiative. With a little time, you can make a big change.
    3. Offer your help: isn’t it great when someone knows exactly what to do in a situation that is totally new to you? You could also be this expert for someone else.
    4. Teach: Teaching is the best way to learn! Knowledge is always a two-way street.
    5. Donate something that you no longer use: It may seem to you that something can no longer be used, but someone else may have a use for it – look for institutions near your home.
    6. Donate food: There are institutions that accept donations of food for social actions. Next time you go to the supermarket, lend a hand.
    7. Help someone to become more active: A little push is sometimes all it takes for someone to gain the confidence to enroll in the course of their dreams or start that marathon they have been planning for so long.

The list of actions could be even greater. There are thousands of chances coming up all the time: challenge yourself! If you want to find out more ways to help someone, this could be the right time to try volunteering. Click here to learn about our projects!

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