12 principles of conscious consumption

The biggest changes happen through the insistent and little habits we cultivate in our routine. Talking about sustainability, simple actions like correctly separating trash, responsible consumption of natural resources, reuse of recyclable materials and many other examples like this are already part of our vocabulary and even our behavior. Yet when it comes to consumption, our choices also have an influence and need to be in harmony with what we want to do to be an environmentally responsible participant in the environment we live in.

To clarify points like this, here we offer 12 principles of conscious consumption with simple tips, which can not only contribute to reducing environmental impacts, but can help us to reassess our relationship with our financial resources. How about picking some things to put into practice today?

 1 – Plan your purchases

2 – Assess the impacts of your consumption

3 – Only consume what is necessary

4 – Reuse products and packages

5 – Separate recyclables from trash

6 – Use credit consciously

7 – Learn about and value corporate social responsibility practices

8 – Do not buy pirated products

9 – Contribute to improving products and services

10 – Spread conscious consumption

11 – Hold politicians accountable

12 – Reflect on

That way, as a consumer, you will also do your part, with benefits for yourself and the environment. The first step can start today!

To learn more about the principles of conscious consumption, click here and read the 12 items in full.

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