April: children’s literature month

In April, children’s literature is being celebrated by honoring authors Hans Christian Andersen and Monteiro Lobato. In different times and locations, these authors left a cultural heritage that has withstood time and crossed generations, opening the doors of the world of reading to thousands of children. In addition to celebrating the importance of these writers, Read more about April: children’s literature month[…]

UN wants less plastic in oceans

The United Nations (UN) launched a global campaign in late February to reduce the amount of plastic in oceans by 2020. The “Clean Seas” initiative is aimed at mobilizing governments, companies and civil society to work towards this goal. Launched at the World Ocean Summit, the campaign is aimed at different areas of action. Government Read more about UN wants less plastic in oceans[…]

Gardening by mail

Project encourages a mail-based seed exchange With e-mail, people now rarely mail letters. But Anaísa Catucci, an executive from Florianópolis, had an original idea that gained over 2,000 followers in just 24 hours: exchanging seeds by mail. That was how the “Seeds around the World” (Sementes pelo Mundo) project started. The idea began when Anaísa Read more about Gardening by mail[…]

Take part in the Guardians of the Water 2017 Award

Activities held this year in the Luiz Antônio (SP) region  After visiting Rio Verde (GO) in 2016, the next edition of the Guardians of the Water project will be held in the heartland of the state of São Paulo, covering the public Primary Schools in the municipalities of Luiz Antônio, Guatapará, São Simão and Altinópolis. Read more about Take part in the Guardians of the Water 2017 Award[…]