The Association has been in the city of Manaus, Amazonas for 14 years, supporting and offering full assistance programs to children and adolescents infected with or exposed to HIV/Aids. These programs include nutrition, social service, education and psychological and medical care.

Starting in 2014, International Paper Institute continued work already developed at the Institute through training, oversight of activities and prospection of new partners. In addition, the Institute began to advise the organization on strengthening and qualifying its planning, fund-raising, management, monitoring, assessment, supply and execution of services.


Nestlé, the Amazonas state government, the City Hall of Manaus and the Municipal Council on Child and Adolescent Rights.

The project provides institutional care services and social and family support. Over one thousand children and adolescents are currently covered by the program in the capital and in the interior of the state of Amazonas, as well as in other states in northern Brazil.


To execute projects, programs and services that provide social assistance benefits and contribute to the organization’s work in advocating for and guaranteeing rights.

Target Public

Children and adolescents that are HIV carriers or have been exposed to HIV.

Region of Action

State of Amazonas and northern Brazil.



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