The project began in 2011, aimed at multiple uses of eucalyptus forests, prioritizing social and environmental development and generating income for local beekeepers. In addition to providing forest areas, we support and publicize this initiative among our partners and customers as well as internally, placing this product in the Christmas basket we give to our workers and holding honey sales at company units.


The International Paper forestry area and beekeeper coops in the regions where the company operates.

The project has two facets: one geared exclusively towards honey production and another that is preventive. This project of partnering with beekeepers has already had very significant results. Over 40 tons of honey has already been produced.


  • Shared and multiple use of planted eucalyptus forests;
  • Production of and stimulus for the certified honey trade;
  • Development through generation of income for local beekeepers.

Target Public

Beekeeper Associations and Coops.

Region of Action

Planted forests in the microregions of Luiz Antônio, Mogi Guaçu, Altinópolis and Brotas, in the state of São Paulo.


12 months

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