Since 2008, the project has been held with the mission of informing and raising awareness among participants in relation to the rational use of water, in addition to encouraging conservation activities.

Through campaigns, teachers are encouraged to develop the topic of water with their students, therefore forming agents to spread the concepts and best practices for the conscientious use of water at home and in the community where they live.


Secretariats and Departments of Education

Through environmental education, the project seeks to consolidate and spread knowledge regarding water’s importance in people’s lives. In addition, an emphasis is placed on how little day-to-day actions can be very effective at cutting waste of this resource.


  • Inform and raise awareness of participants regarding rational use of water resources;
  • Encourage conscientious consumption and reduce waste;
  • Turn participants into multipliers in identifying and resolving water-use problems;
  • Produce beneficial actions concerning water use and raise the population’s quality of life.

Target Public

Early childhood education and elementary school teachers and students in the public school system in cities neighboring International Paper.

Region of Action

Microregion of the Luiz Antônio factory and forestry unit, in the state of Sao Paulo.


Annually, from March to June.

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