Stated in 2008, the project provides education to young people on being tree nursery workers, through partnerships between public and private organizations.

While they discover this new trade, adolescents aged 14 to 17 have the chance to receive professional training that covers everything from topics related to sustainability and environmental conservation to motivation and ethics for the job. The project also shows the practical experience of producing tree and fruit tree seedlings, which later help to balance the ecosystem when planted.


Municipal Council for Child and Adolescent Rights; Guatapará City Hall.

All seedlings produced in the tree nursery are sold, with the proceeds going to a stipend for the adolescents, who are able to contribute to their family’s income. In addition to required school attendance, project participants dedicate another 3 hours per day on their personal and professional development.


  • Generate income through production and resale of seedlings of native, exotic and ornamental plants;
  • Promote theoretical and practical training for adolescents to exercise tree nursery activities;
  • Spread precepts of ethics and citizenship;
  • Raise awareness of the young participants regarding environmental issues.

Target Public

Young people ages 14 to 17, enrolled in and attending a public primary or secondary school.

Region of Action

Guatapará, in the state of Sao Paulo.


Annually, from January to December.

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