Started in 1993, in the cities in the Luiz Antônio and Mogi Guaçu region, the project seeks to develop activities that are part of environmental education.

Initially, it was created with a focus on primary school students and teachers, but over time the project expanded its target public, including not only early childhood education and high school students, as well as special education students, the elderly, undergraduate and graduate upperclassmen in the environmental area, among others.


Learning institutions.


  • Raise awareness, educate, engage and educate program participants so that they can spread knowledge;
  • Describe the main stages involved, from planting to manufacture of pulp and paper;
  • Underscore the importance of planted forests as potential collaborators in preserving natural resources;
  • Demystify some issues regarding the pulp and paper industry;

Target Public

First to 12th grade students, children of employees, partners and any group that is interested in environmental issues and in interaction of the environment in pulp and paper production.

Region of Action

Mogi Guaçu and Luiz Antônio, in the state of Sao Paulo.


Weekly, all year round.

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