Book City ends its cycle at IP and expects to serve 51,000 kids


At IP since 2009, the project is starting its last phase in Rio Verde (GO) and is expected to benefit over 6,000 students, ages 6 to 10

After visiting the cities of Mogi Guaçu (SP), Luiz Antônio (SP), Três Lagoas (MS), Ribeirão Preto (SP), Suzano (SP), Paulínia (SP), Franco da Rocha (SP), Itapeva (SP) and Manaus (AM), it is time for Rio Verde (GO) to welcome the Travelling Book City, a project coordinated by International Paper Institute that has visited IP units over the last seven years, showing Primary School children the magical world of reading. Rio Verde (GO) will be the last destination for the IIP project, which expects to serve around 6,000 kids in the city alone.

The Travelling Book City will arrive in Rio Verde on August 22 (Monday) and will be in the city until September 2 (Friday). On Sunday (August 28), there will be a special session just for children of IP workers.

Over its last seven years visiting International Paper units, the project has benefitted 45,994 kids in nine cities, in three different states. Upon reaching Rio Verde, not only will it visit a new state, but the Travelling Book City will also have a huge goal: “to end with over 51,000 kids benefitted,” says Sabrina Tenello, Social Responsibility and Sustainability Analyst at International Paper.

A journey through books – Kids that visit Book City in Rio Verde will find a place to let their imaginations run free. After they pass through the gate made of giant books, they will meet Mr. Mayor and his secretary, Ms. Maricota, who will introduce the city and talk about the world of books.

The kids will also take part in activities related to recycling and hear stories from Grandma Cotinha, in an environment surrounded by fun and knowledge, in addition to learning more about the importance of a healthy diet and personal care in a playful and interactive way.

“It is rewarding for us to be able to collaborate in a way to encourage early childhood reading, since literacy education should happen early on, in the most pleasurable way and outside of academic obligations,” says Gláucia Faria, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Manager at International Paper.


Book City goes to Manaus to share the magical world of reading

IP Institute is bringing its project to encourage children to read to the Amazonian capital for the first time

Imagine a city with an entrance gate made of giant books that open up to a place where children are completely free to travel the world of stories. This place exists and it is called “Book City,” a project to encourage reading geared towards children and adolescents, which International Paper Institute brought to Manaus for the first time in May. Presentations for the region’s public school students took place from May 9 to 20, at the Francisca Mendes Municipal School, with a special session for children of IP employees on May 15.

Upon arriving at Book City, six to ten year olds are welcomed by the Mayor and his secretary, Ms. Maricota, who insist on presenting the places they will visit. The students watch a puppet show; meet the Bookworm, who claims that she no longer eats books (but she relapses every once in a while); take part in a drawing and painting workshop at Paper Square; learn about diet, recycling and dental hygiene at the Castle of Delights; and listen to Grandma Cotinha tell stories.

“Book City” has been around since 1997 and over its nearly 20 years it has had over 900,000 visitors among the permanent project, located in São Paulo, and the travelling project, which has put on presentations at schools, companies and shopping centers since 2003.

For the last seven years, “Book City” has been part of the initiatives at International Paper Institute, bringing the project to different units each year.  “The education of children and young people is one of the pillars at International Paper Institute, which is why we bring the project to various locations, so that starting early children have contact and identify with the habit of reading,” says Glaucia Faria, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Manager at IIP.

According to Claudio Amadio, the project’s creator, every year “Book City” develops a different theme. “For 2016, we chose author Monteiro Lobato and the theme of UNESCO, Understanding the World,” he says, adding that the biggest challenge in educating new readers is creating pleasurable experiences related to reading, but without making connecting these experiences with any kind of demands. “Another big challenge is finding new authors and works that awaken the interest of young people, in addition to avoiding pre-judging the classics,” he says in closing.

Travelling Book City 2015

The Travelling Book City project began with the intention of fostering reading among children, through interactive and fun programming with a special little nook for reading, theatrical plays, storytelling, a space for drawing, and more.

The Book City is a thematic theatrical space whose home city is São Paulo (SP), but in partnership with Instituto International Paper, the Travelling Book City project was started, aimed at providing experiences for other municipalities where IIP operates. The project has visited the cities of Mogi Guaçu and Ribeirão Preto, in Sao Paulo; and the city of Três Lagoas, in Mato Grosso do Sul.

The next city the project will visit is Suzano (SP), which is in the São Paulo metro region. The project will be held from May 18 to 29, at Suzano Shopping Center, with over 7,000 children expected to visit.

Municipal public school students, from 2nd to 5th grades, and students from schools pre-determined by the Municipal Secretariat of Education, as well as children of International Paper workers at the packaging unit in Suzano will be able to take part in activities free of charge.

In addition to showing the importance of reading to kids, the project’s approach enchants visitors through playful and educational activities so that reading really becomes a daily part of kids’ lives.

To find out more about the Travelling Book City Project and see pictures from past editions, click here.


Travelling Book City Project comes to Paulínia

From September 21 to 25, International Paper Institute (IIP) will hold the Travelling Book City project at Avenida João Aranha Sports Gym, in Paulínia.

Book City is a playful theater space, with strong visual appeal, but what makes it different is that it is highly educational.

Developed to instill an interest in and habit of reading in children from a young age, at the Book City kids do various educational activities that allow them to interact with the literary world and develop the pleasure of reading. Games also work with topics such as health, environment, cultural diversity, ethics and citizenship.

During the week, presentations are geared towards public elementary school students in the city. And on Saturday, September 19, there will be a special program just for professionals from the Paulínia unit and their kids.

International Paper Instituteinvites everyone to embark on the magical world of books and take part in this day of fun and learning.

Travelling Book City, Education

Book City reaches 4,000 students in Paulínia

In September, International Paper Institute (IIP) held the Travelling Book City project for the first time in the city of Paulínia. The activity took place from the 21st to the 25th at the Avenida João Aranha Sports Gym and reached over four thousand public school students.

One of the program’s goals is to encourage the habit of reading in kids and adolescents through a playful and creative environment. For Lucilene Prado, a teacher at the elementary school and a member of the Educational Department at the Secretariat of Education of Paulínia, the project contributed to the reading work done in the city. “The Travelling Book City is enhancing what we have done based on a didactic that uses presentations and stories to capture children’s attention,” she says.

The project has a playful theater space, with strong visual appeal; what makes it different is that it is highly educational.

Teacher Cristiane Nunes, also a member of the Education Department, saw all of the activities developed during the afternoon. For her, the project was very positive for the entire city. “All of the structure allowed for a greater number of students to be served and it was something new in the city. The event met all of the Secretariat of Education of Paulínia’s expectations,” she says.

In the project space, the visiting students learn the importance of books, covering topics such as: ethics, diversity, health, the environment and citizenship. “I think that if everyone supported these initiatives, today we would really have a better Brazil, with a different type of education. Projects like this International Paper Instituteone help to develop education,” says Cristiane.

The Travelling Book City is held every two years by IIP.

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