Winning Guardians of the Water Project schools reiterate the importance of water

shutterstock_347798567From July to September, public school educators in Luís Antônio (SP) and the region worked on raising student awareness regarding preservation of water resources, through the “Guardians of the Water” project, coordinated by International Paper Institute.

The schools in Luís Antonio, Altinópolis, Guatapará and São Simão, in the state of São Paulo, submitted their projects to reduce water waste and the winners received a cash prize to make their ideas a reality and put them into practice.

Getting to work – The Marcílio Bondesan School, the winner in São Simão, built a mini cistern to collect and reuse rainwater, creating savings.

While the Prof. Andréia Sertori Sandrin School, in Guatapará, included dynamics to raise awareness about water conservation in its project, in addition to setting up an unprecedented green space at the school. To do this, a green roof was built using treated eucalyptus. The aim was to show students that it is possible to respect nature and bring more life to the area, even in a small space.

In Altinópolis, a talk on sustainability was held at Prof. Carmem Miguel Vicari School, given by civil engineer Wadje de Mello Sobiesiak, who discussed people’s role in preserving the environment. He showed how it is each person’s duty to collaborate to reduce pollution, saving natural resources. The engineer used the occasion to show students the plans for a project to implement two water reservoirs.

At the Helena Maria Luiz de Mello School, in Luiz Antônio, the project included building a cistern on the patio to use rainwater to irrigate a garden made by the students using PET bottles and tires.

IIP – The involvement of schools with the Guardians of the Water Project promotes changing behavior among individuals towards the sustainable use of water resources. Preserving nature means guaranteeing our own existence.

Saving water is a subject that will always garner reflection and awareness. That is why International Paper Institute has worked on behalf of this cause since 2008, joining the entire academic community, so that people’s lives can indeed be transformed.

See the winning schools in the Guardians of the Water 2017 call for projects

Winning projects include construction of cisterns, planting of saplings and informative marches on the topic.


The “Guardians of the Water” award is an International Paper Institute initiative that asks participants to create educational projects related to rational use of water resources inside and outside of school.

This year, it was the Luiz Antônio region’s turn to actively participate in actions, involving educators at the elementary and middle school levels, with each winning school receiving up to BRL 7,000 to make their projects a reality. On June 14, the winners will visit the International Paper factory in Luiz Antônio to attend a celebratory coffee and start implementing the winning projects.

Below are the winning schools in the Guardians of the Water 2017 for each municipality:


EMEFR Professora Carmem Miguel Vicari


Person responsible for the project: Gilmara Alves Arantes do Nascimento (Educational Coordinator)

Main initiatives: Build a cistern to collect rainwater and raise participant awareness through educational activities held at the school, such as musical performances, talks and models, in addition to students putting together folders and posters.


EMEF Andrea Sertori Sandrin


Person responsible for the project: Rita de Cássia Azevedo (Elementary School Teacher)

Main initiatives: Change water valves and faucets to reduce water consumption at the school, build a system to reuse drinking fountain water to irrigate the school garden, publicize information in the community through a march and revitalize green areas on Avenida Jacarandás and plant native saplings in the Nossa Senhora Aparecida district.


EMEF Professora Helena Maria Luiz de Mello


Person responsible for the project: Margarete Carvalhaes de Jesus Janini (Middle School Teacher)

Main initiatives: Build a cistern to collect rainwater that will be used to water a community garden already installed at the school. In addition, the school is also proposing development of this topic with students during the entire year as well as repair of some public spaces at the school.




EMEF Marcílio Bondesan


Person responsible for the project: Ana Paula Baldini Vieira de Souza (Educational Aide)

Main initiatives: Build a cistern to collect rainwater to be implemented at the school and show the community how to build a mini cistern for the home. There will also be a student presentation of the “Letter from the Future” text and each classroom will develop a project related to this theme to present at the end of the year.

Guardians of the Water approaches dengue prevention through storytelling


From May 22 to June 2, International Paper Institute is promoting the second phase of the “Guardians of the Water” project, with “A Kingdom without Dengue,” an interactive show. The initiative brings together a puppet show, music and information for the school communities in the cities of Guatapará, Altinópolis, São Simão and Luiz Antônio (SP).

The project’s second stage features actions to raise awareness among public school students and teachers regarding conscientious use of water resources. However, this year the “Guardians of the Water” went one step further, by showing that saving and storing water requires responsibility and special care. This prevents Aedes aegypti, the mosquito that transmits dengue, zika and chikungunya from using standing water to proliferate.

The “A Kingdom without Dengue” show is based on the book of the same name by Alda de Miranda, illustrated by Ricardo Girotto. The narrative shows a village free of illnesses that is invaded by a big villain: the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

IIP expects the play to directly reach 3,000 children ages 3 to 10.

See the show times for each city:


May 22, 11 AM to 2:30 PM, at Escola Vera Lucia – Rua dos Ypês, nº495 – Centro
May 23, 10 AM to 2:30 PM, at Escola Andréia Sertori – Rua José Linares Neto, nº 139 – Centro
May 24, 10 AM, at Escola Guiomar Milluzzi – Rua Mamoru Hirakawa, nº 591 – Bairro Mombuca


Location: Centro Social Urbano de Altinópolis (CSU) – Av. Marginal, s/n.

May 24, at 2:30 PM: for students at Escola Ana Lucia.
May 25, at 9:30 AM: for students at Escola Alayde and Escola Carmem Miguel.
May 25, at 2:30 PM: for students at Escola Ermelinda.
May 26, at 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM: for students at Escola Trossel.

São Simão

May 29, at 11:00 AM and 2:30 PM: Escola Historiador Fausto Pires de Oliveira – Av. Ver. Vitorio Fernando Lizarelli, nº 1039 – Jd. João Furtado.
May 30, at 11:00 AM and 2:30 PM: Escola Marcílio Bondesan – Rua José Silveira, nº 376 – Bairro Bento Quirino.
May 31, at 10:00 AM: Escola Profª Yolanda Jorge – Rua México nº 868 – Jd. das Américas.

Luiz Antônio

Location: Anfiteatro Municipal – Rua Alagoas, nº52 – Jardim Santa Luzia.
May 31, at 2:30 PM: for students at Escola Professora Helena Maria Luiz de Mello.
June 1, at 9:00 AM and 2:30 PM: for students at Escola Professora Zilda Aparecida Marinho Seixas, Escola Aracy Carneiro de Mesquita, CEMEI Egidio Rosatti and CEMEI Josimeire Borges Alves.
June 2, at 9:00 AM: for students at Escola Roberto Brayn, CEMEI Irineu Silva and CEMEI Aurea da Silva Pedroza.

Take part in the Guardians of the Water 2017 Award


Activities held this year in the Luiz Antônio (SP) region

 After visiting Rio Verde (GO) in 2016, the next edition of the Guardians of the Water project will be held in the heartland of the state of São Paulo, covering the public Primary Schools in the municipalities of Luiz Antônio, Guatapará, São Simão and Altinópolis.

The International Paper Institute (IIP) team responsible for the initiative has already concluded the announcement stages and now the schools should get ready to submit their projects.

The Guardians of the Water takes place in stages during the entire school year and aims to get the academic community to reflect on conscientious use of water resources. More than discussing the theory, students and their teachers are encouraged to develop water-saving proposals that can be put into practice. The winning learning institutions will each win a BRL 7,000 prize to make their ideas a reality and turn them into improvements for everyone.

Participating schools should complete the registration form and submit it by e-mail to by April 28.

Below are links to information on the call for projects:

1 – Opening Call for Projects

2 –Registration Form

3 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

4 – Guide for completion of the registration form

If you have any questions, please contact:

Sabrina Tenello: (16) 3986-9073 /
Julia Valadares: (16) 3986-9076 /

Guardians of the Water awards schools in Rio Verde, state of Goiás

Winning projects include produce gardens and water collection for reuse in the school environment

Anuncio das escolas vencedoras- editada2

Representantes das escolas acompanham anúncio dos vencedores do “Guardiões das Águas”

On August 22, three schools in Rio Verde, state of Goiás celebrated the “Guardians of the Water” award received. The award is an initiative of the International Paper Institute to recognize the best projects related to the rational use of water resources. This year was the turn for this municipality in Goiás to actively participate in the initiatives involving educators in Elementary school. Project authors awarded received respectively R$ 2,000; R$ 1,500 and R$ 1,000. Each school received R$ 8,000.

The big winners in 2016 were EMEF Monte Alegre with the project Water: awareness for preservation; EMEFTI Professor Waldyr Emrich Portilho received second place, with Drop of Water; and third place for EMEF Professor Francisco Joaquim de Paiva, with Water: the crystal jewel. They all have in common that they wish to build produce gardens and invest in water reuse storage systems such as cisterns. A benefit for the entire community, in addition to working with awareness through lectures, newsletters, among other initiatives focused on educational initiatives, such as saving water (see below).

THE AWARD WILL BE CONVERTED INTO IMPROVEMENTS – EMEF Monte Alegre, whose project will recognize springs near the schools and reforesting freshwater bodies, shall invest part of the prize received to buy seedlings. EMEFTI Waldyr Emrich Portilho plants on expanding the project outside the school, encouraging parents and students to save household water. The institution will also award the student that saves more water awarding them with a bicycle. EMEF Professor Joaquim Francisco de Paiva plans to carry out a number of awareness initiatives at school. The result will be presented during the school fair at the end of the school year.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability Manager of International Paper, Gláucia Faria, announced the winners at the Department of Education of Rio Verde. The award ceremony concludes the awareness cycle with began in the first half of the year in the city, with the exhibition Linha d’Água (Water Line) and with theatrical presentation Espaço Mundi. “Each of the initiatives sought to involve the school community to reflect upon correct water use, turning students and teachers into multipliers of more sustainable initiatives related to our natural resources,” stated Gláucia.


1st place EMEF Monte Alegre

ouroProject: Water: Awareness for preservation
Responsible for the project: Aline Bilbio Peres (Pedagogical Coordinator)
Initiatives: Recognizing springs close to the school, reforesting fresh water bodies, ecological horseback riding and building a cistern for water reuse. Visits, lectures, theatre plays for the community and a produce garden at school.
Prize use: Build the cistern and produce garden, awareness campaigns materials and seedlings for reforestation.



2º EMEFTI Professor Waldyr Emrich Portilho


Project: Drop of Water
Responsible for the project: Andrea Cristina Cabral (Coordinator of artistic and sports activities)
Initiatives: Marches, music, newsletter, newspaper to promote project initiatives, visits, lectures, produce garden at school and awarding a bicycle to the student that saves the most water and donation of cisterns to store drinking water.
Prize use: Produce garden, buy a bicycle, water storage cisterns, adjusting taps and bathroom flushing mechanisms at school


3rd place EMEF Prof. Francisco Joaquim de Paiva    


Project: Water, the Crystal Jewel
Responsible for the project: Neusa Amélia Oliveira Cabral (Teacher)
Initiatives: Build a cistern to reuse water, build and maintain a garden with tires, in addition to school activities for awareness and end-of-year exhibition to present accomplishments.
Prize use: Build the produce garden and cistern.






“Guardians of the Water” extends registration until May 20

Rio Verde schools will have a few more days to register. Contest will award the public schools that have the best projects.


Since 2008, International Paper Institute has promoted the “Guardians of the Water” Project, aimed at involving public schools in developing projects that contribute to cutting water consumption throughout the academic community. This year, the project is being held for the first time in the municipality of Rio Verde, in the state of Goiás, and schools in the region will have the chance to put their ideas into practice.

Registration has been extended to May 20 and the three best projects will receive funding so that they can go from idea to reality. Moreover, the teachers and school employees that come up with the three best projects will also receive cash awards that could range from BRL 1,000 to 2,000.

To take part, schools need to register at the website and read the call for submissions, which contains all of the rules for submitting projects. Public state and municipal schools in Rio Verde providing primary education (Early Childhood Education and Elementary Schools) are eligible to participate. All projects will be submitted to a panel of judges made up of International Paper professionals along with some other specialists.

In other words, in addition to the three prizes recognizing the applicants whose projects are selected in the call for submissions, IIP will also fund execution of the selected projects with up to BRL 8,000 per school.

You can be a “Guardian of the Water” too

The “Guardians of the Water” project is an International Paper Institute initiative geared towards raising awareness among educators, students and other members of civil society about rational use of water resources. In addition to the contest being held this year in the city of Rio Verde, IIP has held a series of activities related to this theme to raise community awareness regarding the substantial need to think about the issue of water use.

The actions connected to the project this year started with a talk by sailor Amyr Klink, a reference in conscientious consumption of water, and the “Waterline” exhibition, featuring photographic records of Klink’s expeditions, on display at the Buriti Shopping Center from February to March.

In addition to the exhibit, IIP brought the “Mundi Space” to Rio Verde, a travelling theater that tells the story of Dr. Drop and his concerns about water on the Planet. The play could be seen by over 4,800 public school children in the city and also included a session opened to the public.

The “Guardians of the Water” call for submissions marks the final stage of the project and is aimed at mobilizing the academic community in the region to innovate in projects that provide for water savings, bringing together simplicity and creativity and forming agents to spread good water consumption practices for a more sustainable world. “We believe in the potential of children and young people as multipliers and the best space to develop innovation in a creative and simple way is the school, precisely because of the attention that young people pay to what’s new, allied with the experience of educators, who are able to see things from another perspective,” says Glaucia Faria, Social Responsibility and Sustainability Coordinator at International Paper Institute.



Guardians of the Water Project Results 2014

The topic of “water savings” has never been as important as it has been recently, but the “Guardians of the Water” have been working with this subject for some time. Since 2008, the Luiz Antônio region in São Paulo has relied on this project, aimed at encouraging conscientious water consumption between public school teachers and students. Savings is the goal for the children and adolescents involved!

The project normally lasts from March to June, but the latest project went from August to November, because of an event on the academic calendar, ensuring that nothing hindered this team when putting ideas into action and showing that you can make huge changes around home and throughout the community with very little. Together, Guatapará and São Simão gathered 600 participants to reach a result of 550,000 liters of water saved through awareness-raising actions.

The most engaged teachers and students in the Guardians of Water 2014 campaign received an award from Instituto International Paper. Moreover, the teachers in the cities of Luiz Antônio, Guatapará, São Simão and Altinópolis who took part in the project also learned a little more about the use of water in the process of manufacturing pulp and paper during a visit to the factory unit in Luiz Antônio.

In addition to individual awards, the “Professora Vera Lúcia Castelhano” Municipal Public Elementary School The award was a big celebratory party for the entire school a few days before a very special date: world water day.

The latest edition has ended, but the savings continues: soon the Guardians of the Water project will be back to engage even more people in this continual process of collaboration and environmental awareness. To learn more about this initiative,  click here and see all of the details.



‘Espaço Mundi’ joins theater and education for conscientious water consumption in Rio Verde

Initiative is part of the ‘Guardians of the Water’ project, promoted by the International Paper Institute and aimed at involving children in practices to save water resources

Developing an awareness of water use starting in early childhood should be a constant concern not only for education professionals, but for society at large.  Aware of its social role and of the power of children to spread concepts and ‘re-educate’ adults on environmental education practices, the International Paper Institute has a travelling theatrical show called ‘Dr. Mundi and Our Planet Water,’ geared towards 4th and 5th grade students at public elementary schools in Rio Verde – GO.

Inside of the inflatable, semi-circle-shaped Espaço Mundi theater, the public travels through the world of Dr. Mundi, a scientist who is greatly concerned with the planet’s water.  If we think about how the two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, yet only 3% of this is fresh water and that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 7.48 billion people have no access to clean drinking water, Dr. Mundi has a tough job ahead of him!

The International Paper Institute relies on support from the Municipal Education Secretariat of Rio Verde to put on the play. The event is one of the actions that are part of the ‘Guardians of the Water’ (GW) Project, an initiative awarding the best actions related to conscientious water consumption in projects entered by public schools. The “Waterline” photo exhibit, showing photographs from expeditions by sailor Amyr Klink and which was at the Buriti Shopping Center until March 4,  is also part of the GW project.

“‘Guardians of the Water’ is a project that takes place during the year with the goal of raising community awareness about the importance of conscientious water use. The involvement of schools and the Secretariat of Education is fundamental in doing this, so that effective actions are carried out for children to gain a more attentive view of environmental actions,” says Glaucia Faria, Sustainability and Social Responsibility coordinator at the International Paper Institute.


Public schools interested in taking part in ‘Espaço Mundi’ can register online at from March 22 to April 24. Plays will be performed at schools from April 18 to 23 at Parque de Exposições (Sindicato Rural) in Rio Verde – Rua 72, nº 345 – Bairro Popular. The event is free.


‘Espaço Mundi’ will have a special session for children of International Paper employees on March 20 (Sunday), at 10 AM.



In addition to the performances for school groups, on April 20 (Sunday), ‘Espaço Mundi’ will have two sessions open to the public, at 3 PM and 7 PM. Entry is free.


You can find the form for registration online at






IP Institute brings “Guardians of the Water” project to Rio Verde

City hosts sailor Amyr Klink for a talk, in addition to the “Waterline” exhibit, showing photographs from Klink’s expeditions and highlighting conscientious use of water resources.


The 2016 edition of the “Guardians of the Water” is coming to Rio Verde – GO for the first time. The event kicking off this edition includes a talk on responsible consumption with sailor Amyr Klink, who has made over 40 oceanic voyages, including 15 to Antarctica, in his 30 years on the seas. The event is taking place on February 26 (Friday), at 7 PM at Senac Rio Verde.

The “Guardians of the Water” project is an International Paper Institute initiative to raise awareness about responsible use of water resources in communities near the company’s units. The project involves primary schools in the region and is aimed at getting people to pass along ecologically sustainable attitudes.

Klink was the first and only person to row solo across the South Atlantic, in 1984, aboard his boat, the I.A.T. Upon returning to land, he registered his experience in the book “100 Days Between Sea and Sky,” the first of his five publications.


In 2006, he launched “Waterline: Between Shipyards and Sailors,” a book that is celebrating its one decade anniversary this year and for which the travelling photo exhibit that is coming to Rio Verde is named, an exhibit featuring the sailor’s travels. In addition to photos, the I.A.T, the boat used by Klink in his solo journey across the Atlantic 30 years ago, will also be on display to the public at the free show.

In three decades of sailing the high seas, Amyr Klink has become a reference in conscientious consumption of water resources, since his long journeys across the oceans require precise planning of the amount of fresh water needed on board and control in its use so that none goes to waste.

The “Waterline” exhibit is a free event being held from February 27 to March 4 at Buriti Shopping, located at Rua O, 1044 – Jardim Campestre.

Open to the public from 10 AM to 10 PM, Monday thru Friday. Open on Sunday from 2 PM to 8 PM.

Be a Guardian of the Water!

Through simple actions, you too can become a defender of this very precious natural resource


Saving water has been a widely debated topic in recent years, as a result of the availability of water and the impacts of drought on various regions of Brazil.

Aware of its social responsibility, every year International Paper Institute promotes the “Guardians of the Water” project, with 2016 marking the project’s 9th year, with the goal of involving public school students and teachers as well as IP professionals in a movement to raise awareness about the rational use of water resources and environmental conservation.

The idea is to provide more than a moment for reflection, forming agents that can pass along environmentally sustainable attitudes in the communities where they live.  That is why mobilizing school-age children is very important, so that they can learn that preservation happens through day-to-day actions and water needs guardians everywhere!

Quick guide to becoming a Guardian of Water:

  • When bathing: turn off the shower while you lather up, turning it back on to rinse off. By turning the shower off, consumption can go from 180 to 48 liters of water.
  • When brushing your teeth: close the tap and use a cup of water to rinse. Doing this can save up to three liters of water.
  • When flushing: check to make sure the valve is working properly. Press it once and do not throw trash in the toilet.
  • At the tap: an open tap uses 12 to 20 liters per minute. A dripping faucet can use up to 46 liters per day. That equals 1,380 liters per month.
  • Washing the dishes: keeping the tap open the entire time while washing the dishes wastes up to 105 liters of water. Wash the dishes with the tap closed and then rinse everything after washing. The dishwasher uses 40 liters of water. Only use it with a full load of dishes.
  • Washing the car: wash your car fewer times during the month. When you wash it at home, use a bucket instead of a hose, which can use around 600 liters of water in just one wash.
  •  When cleaning the yard and sidewalk: use a broom and, if needed, use grey water from the washing machine.

Although more rainfall is expected in late 2015 and early 2016, filling reservoirs and stabilizing the water supply in various cities, we need to stay alert to avoid waste.

The water shortage that we recently experienced should serve as a reminder that water is a finite resource and that if we do not take care of it now, it will not be there in the future.

Think about it!