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In 2014, the Guardians in Action project completed two years. Through internal campaigns, we sought to instill a desire and interest among International Paper employees for volunteer actions. This year, our mission was very special. Each professional sponsored a child who, during Christmas week, had the chance to see their “godparent’s” workplace and receive a present.


A total of 92 workers took part in the action, benefitting children from five organizations. They are:

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The project

Guardians in Action was created with the goal of expanding volunteering within International Paper, spreading volunteer actions and promoting integration and socialization between professionals and the at-need local community.

“Guardians in Action” joins volunteers and kids for a special day


 The sweetest time of the year is finally here: Easter! And to celebrate this date in a significant way, International Paper Institute held another edition of the “Guardians in Action” project, with the mission of making Easter even more special for the kids and volunteers.

 This year’s initiative included participation by 66 “sponsors” who took action to guarantee an unforgettable Easter for the kids at the Bororé Social Promotion Center. On March 21, the guardians gave chocolate eggs to 73 kids in person at the International Paper office in São Paulo. The meet-up was split into two periods, morning and afternoon. Fun snacks were served amidst lots of playing and, of course, lots of chocolate.

Karla Califfa, Financial Planning Coordinator at International Paper, was happy with the results of this mission. This is the fourth time she has taken part in Guardians in Action and Califfa underscores how important supportive actions are at these organizations: “I see this Initiative as a way to look at what is happening around us. Whenever I come back from this project, just seeing the kids’ smiles makes me feel like we are doing good for others. In the day-to-day rush, we never find time to do something supportive, and when the company gives us this opportunity, we see how much we can help, even if it is this small gesture.”

The project IMG_1868was created in 2013 with the aim of increasing volunteering at International Paper and this specific action involved the people working at the São Paulo office. “Missions” always take place on holidays and 80 volunteers took action last year alone, giving gifts to kids at four different institutions.

According to Glaucia Faria, Sustainability and Social Responsibility Coordinator at International Paper Institute, projects like “Guardians in Action” reinforce the transformative power of volunteering, a pillar at IPI, in addition to being a learning experience for both parties. “The meeting between the workers and the kids shows how important it is to help through the simplest gestures. These moments are always very gratifying,” she says.


Corporate Social Responsibility – In addition to manufacturing its products using 100% planted, renewable and certified forests, IP executes projects geared towards education and sustainability in the regions where the company maintains operations through the International Paper Institute, benefitting local communities. Since its creation, one of the Institute’s main goals has been to mobilize and engage partners, employees and professionals in causes that particularly improve social and environmental education for kids and young people.

There are currently over 200 volunteers that take part in projects including Formare, EmCena Brasil, Guardians of the Water, Guardians of the Green, Guardians in Action and others, which have already impacted approximately 30,000 lives.

Doing some type of volunteer work has countless benefits for those who volunteer. Organizations increasingly value professionals that dedicate some of their time to social causes, especially if this practice is part of the company’s own organizational culture, as is the case at IP.

Learn more about the institution supported by Guardians in Action:

The Bororé Social Promotion Center (Centro de Promoção Social Bororé) is located in an extremely impoverished region, in the Jardim Lucélia district, on the south side of the city of São Paulo. The organization is split into three social homes that house 24 children and adolescents and it also serves 380 minors through the Kids Corner and Educating for the Future programs, in addition to carrying out various social programs involving the entire community. Find out more here.


Guardians in Action: Easter Mission

IIP created the Guardians in Action project in 2013 to serve a specific demand for actions from its São Paulo office. The special “missions” take place on holidays and in March, the mission was to make Easter unforgettable for children at four organizations – chocolates, games and lots of fun.

Each volunteer for this project was invited to personally deliver a giant chocolate Easter egg to the kids, at an afternoon coffee filled with smiles. On April 6, over 80 “godmothers and godfathers” gathered and the celebration was complete. Tálita Rocha, an executive assistant, took part in this initiative and said that:

“We have wonderful experiences in all of the Guardians missions. We had the opportunity to relive and reinforce the values we learned at a tender age with our parents and also to put our chief mission as human beings into practice – to love one another. It’s amazing how we received love, respect and gratitude. We thought that we would give this gift and actually, we were the once who were given a gift of spontaneous smiles, thankful looks and hugs filled with love. I would like to thank Instituto IP for providing these ‘magical’ moments during our day-to-day. I hope we can replicate these sentiments and multiply our actions.”

Learn more about the institutions that benefitted from this initiative:

To find out more about the Guardians in Action Project, click here.

Christmas Mission: Guardians in Action Project hands out gifts to kids at Lar Bororé


On December 17, 90 professionals from the International Paper office in São Paulo took part in yet another mission for the Guardians in Action Project, by “adopting” 90 kids from the Lar Bororé home for Christmas. Each volunteer picked a card and was responsible for giving a gift to the child they picked, in an effort to bring them some of the magic of Christmas. With bright eyes and wide smiles, the kids received presents and took part in recreational activities during the day. “It was amazing to open the present along with Nicole (“adoptee”) and get a hug from her,” says Isaías Nascimento, a sales executive who also took part in the initiative last year. This was the third edition of the Guardians in Action Christmas Mission. The group also carries out activities on other commemorative dates, such as Easter and Children’s Day. The main goal is to foster and instill volunteering within the company, getting workers to become multiplying agents of actions that leverage good deeds, while of course also promoting integration among these professionals and the local community. “It was a wonderful experience! In addition to giving them attention and love, I was able to interact and play with the kids as if I were at home, playing with my daughter and nephews,” says Talita Roza, Executive Assistant, of her first volunteer initiative through IP. Isaías Nascimento adds that “I will certainly take part in upcoming initiatives. Seeing that a gesture we think is small can be so big to other people makes a huge difference.”

IMG_8930Since 2013, over 300 IP professionals have taken part in the Christmas Mission, benefitting over 400 children.