Formare students at Luiz Antonio participate in SIPAT

Students set up stand to talk about global IP project

The IntLUIZ ANTONIO 2017ernal Occupational Accident Prevention Week (or SIPAT, its acronym in Portuguese,) has just come to an end at International Paper’s Luiz Antonio unit. And Formare School Project students took part in the initiative, with a stand set up to talk about the GMS (Global Manufacturing System), a project implemented at every IP factory in order for the company to consolidate its vision of becoming the best manufacturing industry in the world.

At IP, safety is a value, and the week of August 23 to September 1 was yet another moment to reinforce how fundamental work focused on preventing accidents is to the entire company. “GMS covers five pillars: the Health area, EHS&S (Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability), People, Cost Reduction, Capital and Reliability.  All of them somehow deal with topics related to preventing occupational accidents,” explains Sabrina Tenello, who is an Analyst with IP’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability area, which coordinates the institute’s activities.

It was the students’ idea to talk about the Global Manufacturing System. They chose the topic and worked to assemble the stand and on the explanations given to professionals taking part in activities.

The intention was to bring more levity and creativity to a serious subject, awakening people’s curiosity and clearing up some GMS issues where people had questions. “The students discussed a topic that is popular at the company right now and that a lot of people are having a hard time understanding,” says Gabriella Pavanelli, a Trainee who is also on the CIPA (Internal Accident Prevention Committee).

As a Volunteer Educator (VE) in Math and Physics, Gabriella follows the students’ growth from the start of classes and was surprised by their planning during the event.  “The students set up a system for each of them to take part in the stand, showing personal development. They took turns during lunch, with real teamwork. ”

The students’ work was not just restricted to the SIPAT. They prepared all of the content ahead of time and held study groups to align everything that would be said and answer questions that would be asked.

Participation in the SIPAT was yet another stage in the professional development process that takes place during the ten months of Formare. With the course in its second half, there has been clear growth and the students have started to think more clearly about the future. “Today I see more involvement and more motivation from students. Many now know what they like and have already outlined a plan for next year. This is very important, because here they can experiment, learn and ask for advice. I’m so happy to contribute to Formare, because I also learn from them every day. It’s the first door opening to many possibilities,” says Gabriella Pavanelli.

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