Sweater Drive brings professionals together to donate blankets


Formare students organized the drive for the Solidarity Fund of Guatapará

 Every year, International Paper Institute (IIP) holds a Sweater Drive with direct participation of Formare students. In 2016, the Luiz Antônio group was chosen to help in organizing and also took care of collecting donations. A different institution is chosen to receive donated items for each edition of the campaign.

PTo meet the needs of the Social Fund of Guatapará, an organization that serves 150 families in the city and offers cutting and sewing, crafts and manicure courses, in addition to providing psychological and social services, IP professionals joined forces to gather raise cash to purchase blankets to donate.  “We normally receive clothing donations, but this year we were told that there was a need blanket donations,” says Sabrina Tenello, a Social Responsibility and Sustainability analyst at the IP Institute.

Considering that blankets and comforters are donated less than items of clothing, this year the campaign took a different approach and several groups of professionals at the unit organized to raise money to purchase and donate these items; however, those that had blankets in good condition to donate also helped out in the campaign. In addition to the blankets donated, IIP gathered 90 clothing items, including sweaters, trousers and kids’ clothing.

According to the Municipal Secretary of Social Aid in Guatapará, Nelson Cardoso, the donations arrived right on time. “In a Sweater Drive, blankets are one of the most important items and here at the Social Fund, we have a psychologist and a social worker that do visits and map the needs of the community of Guatapará,” he explains.

The donations were collected on July 21 at the Luiz Antônio unit and the families expressed their thanks. “Actions that bring volunteers and public agencies together to help those in situations of extreme social vulnerability are of the utmost importance,” says the Secretary. Now the donations will undergo a triage so they can be distributed to families served.


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