Formare Chat: joining experience and youth in mutual learning

Kicking off a light-hearted and relaxed conversation about career and professional goals: this is the main goal of the Formare Chat, which has strengthened relations between 39 young people from the IP Formare School Project and International Paper (IP) executives at the Mogi Guaçu and Luiz Antônio units over the nearly 70 editions of the meetings that were held in 2016. Check out a retrospective of the chats, with some lessons and teachings conveyed during the year.


Starting the year right – In February, Elídio Frias, a Marketing executive at Solenis, started off the cycle of talks. As a long-time partner of IIP and the Formare Project, Elídio shared his personal and professional experiences, showing how important it is to keep your feet on the ground and set realistic goals. “I always try to show that everyone has potential, but you have to know yourself, because if you get scared at the sight of blood, you have to rethink your idea of being a doctor,” he told the students.



Always learning – In March, the President of International Paper Institute (IIP) and the General Counsel at IP, Leandra Ferreira Leite, told the students that to be successful in their career, it is fundamental that they be well-prepared for the challenges along the way. “Studies can make a difference and this is very important, but I also make a point of telling the students that they need to believe in a better future to achieve their dreams. And never give up on them,” she underscored.


“É muito gratificante poder contribuir para o crescimento desses futuros profissionais”

Transformative experience – César Assin, General Manager at the Mogi Guaçu unit, was one of the tutors for the 2016 class. He has been at IP for 27 years and says that even with all of his managerial experience, it is always possible to learn more. He also took the opportunity to share his professional experiences. “It’s very gratifying to be able to contribute to the growth of these future professionals and to see that the change happens for all of us (tutors, volunteer educators and coordinators), in addition to wanting to see them achieve.”


eduardo fonseca 0012

The taste of achievement – In the second semester, Eduardo Fonseca, Corporate Affairs Manager, spoke to the students about perseverance and persistence for things to happen.  “Nothing comes easy in life, but there is great pleasure in achievement, precisely because we fight so hard for them,” he said. He reinforced the importance of learning that the students build in their interactions with each other as well as with IP professionals. This was the case of Eurípedes Valadão, Industrial Operations Manager. “In this life, what we always have is our experiences,” he emphasized.



“Know thyself” – The students were already in the final phase of the 10 month Formare cycle when, just as Elídio Frias pointed out at the start of the year with the students, Newton Scavone, Occupational Safety and Environment Manager, also discussed the importance of self-awareness in making good life choices. During his meeting with the students, he also visited the classic Greek aphorism attributed to Socrates: “Know thyself,” to talk about the future. “We can only outline a personal plan to improve when we know ourselves and want better,” he said.

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